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British Judge Punishes Victim For Pepper Spray Self Defense

Don't Get Caught Defending Yourself In Great Britain

Don’t Get Caught Defending Yourself In Great Britain

The Brits are at it again, scolding their citizens for trying to protect themselves against people who would do them harm.

“Society could descend into anarchy if the public arm themselves with weapons including pepper spray.”That is the dire warning of District judge Martin Walker.

Judge Walker made the statement following the sentencing of Michael Andrew Race from Crook after he admitted using a can of police issue pepper spray in self defense on a man who had confronted him at his home.

Yes, you read that correctly, he used it in self defense on a man who confronted him at his own home! No mention of what sentance was given to the man who showed up at the victims home, with bad intentions no doubt.

Judge Walker, admitted that he believed Mr. Race was provoked into discharging the spray but said he had crossed the line, and self defense was used as an excuse.

Prosecutor John Garside claimed the victim suffered temporary minor injuries to his eyes after the altercation outside Race’s home on December 6.

Judge for yourself, here are the facts of the case obtained from court transcripts;

Twenty four year-old Race was at home repairing his motorcycle when his partner received a phone call from a man to say he was coming over to fight. The man had been in an ongoing dispute over money with Race’s partner and decided he’d had enough and decided to use force to resolve the dispute.

The man showed up with several friends in tow and they began arguing over money.

Fearing for his safety, Race discharged a canister of Pava spray on the man, according to court testimony.

(Pava spray is a defensive spray similar to pepper spray that is typically issued to police in Britain. How Race obtained the Pava is unclear.)

The prosecution actually had the gall to ask for compensation to be awarded to the unnamed man but Judge Walker said it would not be appropriate as the other man had confronted Race outside his home and provoked him.

The judge said: “This is a case of over use of force in self defense but not sufficient for the defense of self defense to be made out.

We’re not sure how pepper spray could be considered on over use of force since it’s non-lethal and doesn’t cause any permanent damage.

“If everybody was able to arm themselves with items like this spray we would have anarchy in our country.”

Quite the contrary, if everyone were allowed to posses pepper spray or any self defense device for that matter, thugs might think twice before they victimize innocent citizens. And if that doesn’t deter them, at least people can some way to protect themselves.

Race was given a 12 month community order with supervision and ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge.

It’s unbelievable that someone could show up at another person’s home with the stated intention of violence against the homeowner, bring several other men as back-up, instigate an altercation and then be considered a victim. It’s even more outrageous that the homeowner can discharge a canister of pepper spray out of fear for his own safety and be prosecuted for it.

The fact that the aggressor brought several friends with him clearly indicates that he was either looking to use force or wanted to intimidate his intended target.

It’s unfortunate that British authorities can’t or refuse to make a distinction between the defensive use of force and an aggressive use of force. Justice has been turned upside down when victims are prosecuted and aggressors are coddled and treated as victims.

Great Britian is an example of what happens when the government bans all weapons. Good people are left with no way to defend themselves.

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UK Man Jailed For Stun Gun

Here’s a great example of the complete failure of the justice system in the UK.

21 Months In Prison

A Brit who received a stun gun – disguised as a mobile phone – as a gift from his ex-girlfriend has been sentenced to 21 months in jail.

That’s no typo, 21 months for Stun Gun possession. None of the hoodlums who rioted in Britain several months ago received such harsh punishment.

Christopher Steven Loveridge, explained in court that the cell phone stun gun was a gift from his ex-girlfriend who had brought it back from Thailand for him.

The 25-year-old said it was only when police raided his home November 11 looking for the high voltage device that he realized that it was illegal. He produced evidence in court and said he had been given the device in a gift box by his ex-girlfriend.

He said: “…. It was given to me as a novelty, a joke. I didn’t use it.”

The UK…Where The Food Is Bad, And The Laws Are Worse!

His attorney, Patrick Currie, asked the judge not to sentence Loveridge to the statutory five year jail sentence for the offense. He highlighted that the weapon had not been used, that it had not been taken into a public place, he did not know it was illegal and that Loveridge had not bought the item himself.

Five years….He could have gotten five years….FOR A STUN GUN!! WOW!

Judge John Warner said, “I am satisfied you knew when you received it that it was some kind of electric zapper device, and I believe you knew that if used it would have some adverse effect.” He jailed Loveridge for 21 months.

Hey, what the hell, laws aren’t made for criminals, they’re for law abiding citizens to follow. After all, criminals are misunderstood, and we need to have compassion for them because they are a product of their environment. In short, they don’t know any better.

Law abiding citizens that are simply looking for a way to fend off the rioting miscreants? Well, we can’t have that can we? We can’t have people trying to defend themselves with illegal weapons, those weapons are supposed to be used to commit crimes by the misunderstood criminals, who then should go to counseling so we can better understand their feelings and try to rehabilitate them.

Wow, no wonder the UK is in the toilet. Where’s Winston Churchill when you need him?

I really feel for the poor citizens of the UK. Their elected officials pass insane laws that limit their ability to protect themselves. Then when some poor schmuck breaks the law because he wants some minimum degree of safety, they sentence him to more jail time than the dimwits who are committing real crimes!

Laws like that only embolden the criminals, who know that the populace is unarmed and easy prey. So sad. Hopefully the U.S. will never stoop that low.

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