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How To Properly Shoot Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

OK, so yesterday we discussed the different types of pepper spray and how to choose the right one for you. However, once you’ve made a decision on which type of spray to choose, your work is not done. It’s just as important to put some thought into how you’ll carry it and how to use it.

Using your new pepper spray is not as simple as pointing and shooting. There’s a certain technique to using it that will increase your odds of success. Timing, shooting accurately, when and how to retreat and practice drills are all important things to factor in, when learning how to use pepper spray.

How To Carry Pepper Spray

There are three basic ways to carry a defensive spray and which one is best for you will be determined by the type of spray, size and whether you are male or female.

1. Purse Carry – Many women prefer this method, especially if they carry a large canister like 4oz or larger. The downside is that most women tend to throw it into their purse and forget about it, making it difficult to find on a moments notice when they need it. If you choose this option, keep your spray canister in its own pouch in your purse where it’s quickly and easily accessible. Many canisters come with a clip so that it can be attached to an inside pocket or flap of the purse for easy access. It should be in a spot where you can reach in and grab it without looking.

Key-Chain Pepper Spray

2. Key-Chain Carry – This method is the most common and popular way to carry pepper spray. Most people already have their keys in their hand when approaching or leaving their vehicle, so it’s easily deployed at a moments notice. The downside is, at a ½ oz in size, most key-chain pepper sprays are smaller than the purse carry models. One way that women rectify this is to carry a key-chain spray for quick deployment and an additional 4oz or larger model in their purse in the event they empty the key-chain canister.

Pepper Spray Belt Clip

3. Belt Carry – Belt carry is how the police carry their department issue spray. It’s also the preferred carry method for security guards. Larger model sprays usually come with some type of leather belt strap. It’s within reach quickly and easily. Many people attach the belt clip so that it faces down toward the ground. You’ll find that it’s easier to draw the spray quickly this way, rather than having to draw upward, which is an un-natural motion. Also make sure to arrange it so that when it’s retrieved, the trigger is already in the proper position in your hand. This way you don’t have to waste valuable time rearranging it in your hand.

Don’t ever carry pepper spray in your pocket, you won’t be able to retrieve it quickly enough to deploy. Most assaults occur quickly and without warning, so a quick deployment is vital to achieve the desired result. Carrying pepper spray in your pocket is akin to giving an attacker a one or two second head start. Remember, for a defensive spray to be effective, it should be readily available.

When To Use Your Spray

Your timing, deciding exactly when to use your spray, is essential to effectively stop an attacker in his tracks. The objective is to surprise the attacker. Pull out your pepper spray only when you’re prepared to use it. Don’t show it and threaten him with it, hoping you can frighten him off.

Don’t give the attacker any time to think and react to it. This makes it more difficult to achieve a direct hit if he can duck or avoid the spray. Also, many attackers carry a weapon but don’t often show it. They often feel they can overpower someone without a weapon but carry one just in case they need it. Raising your pepper spray prematurely without shooting it just gives him time to retrieve his weapon and use it against you.

Shooting The Pepper Spray

Aim, Shoot and Readjust Your Aim If Necessary

Most women who carry pepper spray are completely unprepared to use it because they have never been trained. They mistakenly believe that all they have to do is point and shoot. They underestimate how quickly things happen and don’t realize how difficult it can be to shoot and aim accurately under stressful conditions.

Once you’ve pulled out your spray and are ready to shoot, it’s important to get into a good athletic position in preparation to shoot. Go into a slight crouch with your feet about shoulder width apart, evenly balanced, shoulders squared and facing directly toward the assailant.

Hold your non-shooting hand out and yell “stop”, as you shoot. This will focus your energy on the task at hand and draw the attacker’s attention toward your hand and away from the pepper spray. It also gives you time to raise and aim the spray before you shoot. However, be aware that many people under the stress of the situation, may not be able to keep their shooting hand steady enough to achieve accurate aim.
If you feel this might be the case with you, then use your non-shooting hand to steady the shooting hand.

As you shoot, never thrust your hand forward as it will affect your aim. Instead, raise your arm gently but in a quick and smooth motion. Don’t turn your back on the attacker! As you fire, step backward slightly in a slow, steady and deliberate manner. Try to limit upper body movement as much as possible. Limiting upper body, and hip movement, will keep your aim steady and prevent you from having to constantly readjust your aim.

Stepping back will give you more time, create more distance between you and the attacker and draw the attacker into the spray. Don’t shut your eyes while spraying and don’t wave the spray like a fire hose, this does nothing but waste the spray. Remember to aim, shoot and look where you are hitting and correct if necessary.
Aim for the head and shoulders. Shooting for about 1 – 2 seconds is usually adequate. At this point, an attacker will normally pause for a moment while he tries to gather himself as the pain and uncontrollable coughing spasms set in. Once he’s disabled, stop spraying, and escape.


The whole point of having pepper spray is to use it to escape! So once, he’s been neutralized, get out of there. Don’t wait around for police or try to detain him for the cops. Don’t move toward the attacker or you may be affected by the spray. While making your escape, back away but don’t turn your back on him! Obviously, you need to see were you’re going but don’t turn your back on him until you are a good distance away. He may get up and attempt to follow you, so you may need to spray him again. Once you are a safe distance away (about 100 feet or so), and you see that he isn’t getting up, turn around, run and and make your escape as quickly as possible.

So, remember to stay calm, aim, spray, adjust and continue spraying, while backing up. Also if you want to be able to use the spray effectively it’s important to practice all the steps. If you don’t practice, when you find yourself in a threatening situation, you’ll probably panic and freeze up. Practice until you feel confidant and then when something happens, you won’t panic because you’ll be prepared. If you don’t want to practice with real pepper spray, you can purchase an water-based inert spray.

Be prepared, stay alert, and practice. Good luck!

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Celebrity Mug Shot Look-Alikes

More Cowbell!

Creepy Chris

Slightly Less Creepy Chris

Anyone familiar with the acting career of Christopher Walken, knows that he often portrays some very disturbing characters in his films. But when a real dude, who just happens to be a dead ringer for Chris, gets arrested for some Walkenesque creepy behavior, it makes one wonder; Is this art imitating life or life imitating art?

In April of 2011, New Jersey resident, Tony Kadyhrob was arrested and banned from several local universities for stalking college women. That is, until one of them showed of her self defense skills and took him down.

Tony fancies himself a ladies man and apparently believes that a middle age man with a bad mustache can be a babe magnet. Funny, that sounds a lot like the reoccurring character that Walken played on the “Saturday Night Live” skit called “The Continental”.



Psycho wits

OK now this one is weird. If you have kids, you’ve probably seen the Nickelodeon show “Victorious”. Sikowitz is one of the teachers on the show.

Not sure why anyone would want to look like this intentionally, even for an acting gig. It’s strange enough to find one guy in the entire universe with that hairdo, but two? Are you kidding?

Having a bad hairdo is not a crime, but neither of these two are scoring any brownie points with the Fashion Police either. I think this guy actually had straight hair until cops subdued him with a Taser.


Mr. Nilsson!

Pippi Longstocking

Well, speaking of bad hair……..You really have to wonder, what adult in their right mind would want to look like Pippi Longstocking? Especially a guy? What was this dude thinking? This guy will be very popular in prison. And what’s up with that shirt?

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Woman bites, pepper sprays man during attack

Don't let this happen to you!

An unsuspecting woman in Huntsville, North Carolina was dragged from her car while stopped at a stop sign and narrowly avoided a sexual assault.

Apparently, just after 7 p.m. while stopped at an intersection, a man approached her vehicle, reached in through an open window and pulled her from the car. He forced her to a secluded location on the median of the road where he attempted to sexually assault her.

Luckily her quick thinking helped her to escape unharmed. While her attacker attempted to silence her, he covered her mouth with his hand. She then bit down on his hand, enabling her to escape his grasp. She had the presence of mind to use her key-chain pepper spray to dose the attacker’s face. Realizing that she wasn’t going down without a fight, he fled the scene with his tail between his legs.

The man was described as a white male between the ages of 45-55 years old with a beard and salt-and-pepper colored hair.

Carrying pepper spray on her key-chain and fighting back by biting him were the difference in stopping the attack. However there were several things she could have done to avoid the attack in the first place. The most obvious is to have the windows rolled up and doors locked. It’s very likely that he specifically targeted her because of the easy access. Chances are, if the windows are rolled up he doesn’t even approach the vehicle. And if he does, he wouldn’t have been able to pull her from the car so easily.

The second thing is awareness of the surroundings. When stopped at a light, stop sign or freeway off ramp you should always scan the area for pedestrians and be prepared in the event they approach your vehicle. Use your mirrors to see behind you and don’t let someone sneak up on you. An attacker always prefers the element of surprise, so be cognizant of your environment.

Tip number three is to always leave enough room between you and the vehicle in front of you in the event you need to escape quick. Run over your attacker if that is your only escape route. If you don’t have enough room to maneuver your car, don’t hesitate to honk your horn to attract attention.

Lastly, key-chain pepper spray is an excellent idea, however it might not be accessible if it’s attached to the keys while in the ignition. An additional pepper spray with visor clip is a great option.

For more information and tips on carjacking prevention and sexual assault prevention visit the self defense articles section of our website.

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Pharmacy worker pepper sprays robber

Pharmacy worker pepper sprays robber

Strong enough for a man, but made for a grizzly!

It’s nice to see scum bags get what’s coming to them. Here’s an inspirational story about a pharmacist, a would be robber and some red-hot grizzly bear pepper spray!

Employees took matters into their own hands recently after an attempted robbery at a pharmacy in Deer Park, Washington.

According to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, a man walked into the Medicine Shoppe around 4:30 p.m. and demanded prescription drugs. Store employees then took action and used pepper spray on him.

It was unknown if the robber had a weapon but he handed the pharmacist a note that indicated he had a firearm. According to employees, the man had robbed the store twice before.

Manager and pharmacist Susan Beller went to the back to grab the narcotics like she had done two times before when he hit them December 5th and 30th. She fought back with a canister of grizzly bear pepper spray they keep behind the counter.

The robber fled, but deputies arrested him after friends called 911 due to concern for their friend. Grizzly bear spray is much hotter than models manufactured specifically for humans, so the robber mostly likely was in excruciating pain!

Stupid Criminal update

Honey, where are the kids?

Well, most people forget things from time to time like mailing the gas bill, or where they put the car keys but this has got to be a first.

Michael S. Kaufman and Kelsey Grobmeier (pictured at right) were charged with theft, criminal trespassing, endangering the welfare of a minor and tampering with physical evidence by police after a family shoplifting trip to a local Walmart went awry.

The cops say the Kentucky geniuses shoplifted a cellphone and some makeup from a Walmart, but forgot their two children as they fled the store. When they returned to the Walmart several hours later, the kids were fine, but the parents were then arrested. Some criminals leave incriminating evidence behind like an ID, a wallet, or fingerprints but live human children? Time to find a new line of work.

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North Dakota Pepper Spray Shortage

North Dakota

An interesting story appeared recently about a spike in self defense product sales related to a kidnapping case. Many local residents say they no longer feel safe and don’t want to rely on the local cops for protection. Good call!

DICKINSON, N.D. – Self defense products are becoming a hot item among women in western North Dakota’s booming oil patch, as a growing population and the violent abduction of a Montana woman have heightened fears about violence.

“My pepper spray, my stun guns, my handguns – I can’t keep them on the shelves,” Dickinson pawn shop manager Raymond Gentry told the Dickinson Press. “A year ago, where a handgun might stay in my case for two months, now I’m lucky to keep that gun in the case 48 hours.”

Other businesses also say sales of personal protection products started rising along with the area’s population. All of this culmenated with the arrest of two men on kidnapping charges in the disappearance of Sidney high school teacher Sherry Arnold, who is presumed dead.

Ray resident R.H. Jungemann bought a key alarm at a recent home party that offered self-defense products.

North Dakota stores experience a run on self defense products

“What happened in Sidney is a little too close to home,” she told the Bismarck Tribune.

Jungemann, a jogger, also has a concealed weapon permit but said the key alarm is more practical.

“I’m not going to run with a pistol,” she said. “This gives me a little feeling of safety, but not enough to let my guard down. I’m always conscious of the trucks in town.”

Watford City Police Chief Slade Herfindahl said he has seen an increase in the number of women applying for concealed weapon permits since Arnold’s disappearance. However, he and others in the law enforcement community say there has not been a documented spike in strangers committing crimes against women.

“I won’t pooh-pooh things. There are a lot of scary-looking men around here, but they’re looking for jobs, not women,” said Williams County Sheriff Scott Busching. “I tell women to ‘Live your life. Your brain is your No. 1 weapon.’ They should have situational awareness.”

Situational awareness no doubt is the key, but a little self defense training or a weapon sure won’t hurt either!

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Pepper Spray Defense

So recently, on Fox News, Megan Kelly said that pepper spray was “…basically a food product.” Well, this apparently set off a major uproar among some in the media, and so called civil libertarians. So, lets take a closer look and analyze her comments for accuracy, shall we?

She says “…it’s a derivative of actual pepper, it’s a food product essentially.”

OK let’s take a look at the first part;

“…it’s a derivative of actual pepper…”.

Well, modern pepper spray is made from a compound called OC. (Oleoresin Capsicum)

  • Capsicum is the genus of plants that pepper spray is made from.
  • Oleoresin is a naturally occurring mixture of oil and a resin extracted from various plants.
  • Capsaicin is a colorless, pungent crystalline compound that is derived from capsicum and is a strong irritant to skin and mucous membranes.

All hot peppers contain Capsaicinoids. Capsaicin, the strongest and most commonly mentioned of the Capsaicinoid family, is so hot that a single drop diluted in 100,000 drops of water will produce a blistering of the tongue. It’s pretty clear that OC pepper spray is made from hot pepper plants.

So are we in agreement that pepper spray is a derivative of pepper? If you said yes, congratulations, you’re ready for lesson number two.

In the second part of her statement she says, …”it’s a food product essentially.” OK, I feel silly even having to point this out, but if it means educating some obtuse, reprobates, well I’m all to happy to be of service.

For thousands of years, peppers have been used to add flavor and spice to bland and boring foods. The Aztecs discovered chilies in the wild and began cultivating them almost 6,000 years ago. The Mayan Indians cultivated hot chili peppers and also used them to add flavor to food. Both the Aztecs and Mayans also realized that by burning large quantities of hot chili peppers, they were able to weaponize it to ward off enemies with the smoke. (The first pepper spray?).

Peppers are used today to spice up certain foods to add flavor. Red peppers, green peppers, jalapenos and habaneros are just a few of the many peppers used in food today.

So, it looks like Megan Kelly’s comments are in fact accurate and pepper spray is in fact a food product.
Those of you who would argue otherwise are being disingenuous. (That means liars, for those of you who don’t own a thesaurus.) Pepper spray does produce some discomfort and can be pretty painful. However, its completely free of long term problems and is a great way for cops to deal with miscreants who have nothing better to do than to disrupt the live of normal people.

When Megan Kelly makes a statement calling pepper spray a food product it gives the impression that pepper spray is natural and therefore relatively harmless, which it is! This does not fit the agenda that the Occupy Wall Street Types and their enablers in the Media try to project. They want to convince people that the police are bad and their use of pepper spray is cruel and inhumane. If that is your argument, than make that argument. Give us a well thought out argument why you believe the police are overreaching their authority. Don’t try to mislead people into believing the tactics (in this case pepper spray) used by police are inhumane. Pepper spray can sting, induce coughing and cause temporary blindness. However it has exactly zero permanent or long-term effects.

Get your facts right and make a legitimate argument supporting your position and maybe, just maybe, you might not look so foolish.

Give ’em a Mace shower!

As police in Riot gear all across the country start to clean up the stench that is Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Main Street/Occupy who knows what, the usual degenerates are starting to complain that the police are overstepping their bounds. The usual cries of police brutality however, are falling on deaf ears. Authorities in nearly every city have given the protestors common courtesies that even taxpayers aren’t privy to. They have been bent over backward to accommodate these leeches.

Now, after months of rapes, muggings, drug use, stabbings, shootings, defecating on police cars, littering, and general uncleanliness, the public has had enough. Municipalities have been under pressure to evict these miscreants and reclaim public land.

Along with the evictions came repeated warnings and deadline after missed deadline to vacate the premises. Yet after the ninth or tenth warning and deadline change, police started to move in.

All of this brings me to my point; The UC Davis protesters. Apparently there were complaints of police brutality, and over reactions. However, an interesting You Tube video shows that the police gave repeated warnings that they were going to clear the area. When I say repeated, I mean several, not just one or two. And when police finally converged on the protestors, they did so at a snails pace, allowing the protestors ample time to leave without any consequences, avoiding a potential mace bath.

The protestors were shown on TV from coast to coast with hands locked while police used mace on then to force them to disperse. The video shows how patient the officers were and how many chances the protestors were given.

These protestors have a right to free speech and to petition their government with their grievances. However, this is not what they were doing. The point of their protests was to provoke the police. When the police didn’t respond violently, the protestors simply “invented” a new reality and complained of police brutality anyway. Their enablers in the media gave their claims credibility.

These people are the dregs of our society and probably deserved the mace shower. At least it was a shower, something they probably hadn’t had in some time. We as a society shouldn’t tolerate this type of behavior. These people aren’t victims when they incite police, then act surprised when the police respond. The Occupy Whatever crowd are a bunch of lazy, dirty, socialist leeches who refuse to do anything other than try to take the fruits of other people’s labor. They deserve nothing more than a mouth full of mace!

Self Defense Weapons

There are several great options for the average person to use for their own personal protection; pepper spray, taser, stun gun, kubaton, pocket knife, or even an expanding steel baton. But what about people that don’t have any store bought self defense products? What can they use to protect themselves in the event of an attack?

Well, there are a few options available to people that are left unprepared and unready to defend themselves.

A great self defense weapon is a flashlight. The best one is the Mag-lite because it’s heavy duty metal construction and it hurts like hell when you get hit with one. Most people carry a flashlight in their car, if you don’t you should. The 9″ is a little shorter and lighter, therefore easier for a woman to wield effectively. The 12″ model is larger and heavier and can be use by man or women with stronger forearms. The small 6″ Mag-lite can be carried in a purse or on a key-chain and can be use as a kubotan to jab vulnerable points of an attacker’s body.

Rolled up newspaper
If you are desperate for something and have to fashion a weapon very quickly, a rolled up newspaper or magazine might be a viable option. It can be used to jab at an attacker’s throat or other vulnerable points just like the kubotan. It does have some disadvantages; 1) If not rolled up tightly enough, it won’t be sturdy enough to do any damage. 2) It’s likely to unfurl after the first strike, so make sure the first one counts. This is a last resort weapon, and should only be used when every other option, including flight, else has been exhausted.

A roll of coins
A roll of quarters in a closed fist can significantly increase the power of a blow. It will add weight, and power to a punch and the attacker will drop feebly to his knees if done properly. For a women, a roll of dimes will fit more comfortably into the hand. Just as effective as brass knuckles, but legal to possess.

Car keys
Keys can be used to gouge an attacker’s eyes. Much like the rolled up newspaper, this should only be used as a lase resort. It’s probably easier to simply gouge the eyes with your fingers.

A ring
A ring with a raised stone or intricate design with sharp edges can cause significant damage if used to punch or a back-handed slap.

A cane or walking stick
Can be used to jab or to take down an opponent by sweeping his feet out from under him. However, the use of a cane or walking stick usually requires considerable training to be used effectively.

Several other options include, rocks, bottles, hairspray or any object found in a women’s purse or on the ground.

The bottom line is that there are many options that can be used as a makeshift weapon, but each of them has it’s drawbacks and without training or practice could be useless. In a fight or flight situation flight is always best. However, if your life is on the line it’s good to know that there are several options available as self defense weapons.

A Women uses a stun gun for self defense

I’ve always lamented why more people don’t use self defense products. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and can save you from serious injury or even death. Case in point; A Las Vegas woman fought off her boyfriend with a stun gun.

Las Vegas police confirmed that Allen J. Stout, 36, threatened the women with a gun before she immobilized him with her stun gun. He was later shot by police him after he pointed the firearm at them. Stout was taken to University Medical Center for treatment and later booked into the county jail, police said.

Apparently the woman was in the apartment she shared with Stout at 2 p.m. when he forced his way in through a window, grabbed her by the hair and bit her. She ran outside, but Stout knocked her to the sidewalk, pounded her head into the concrete and choked her until she felt like she was going to pass out, the report said.

Stout pulled a handgun, threatening to kill the woman and himself, before she pulled out a stun gun and shocked him several times, the report alleges. When Stout dropped the gun, the woman threw it away and ran.

Potential threats don’t always come from some unknown person in a dark alley. Sometimes they come from people we know and are supposed to trust. For the cost of a meal, you can significantly reduce your odds of becoming just another statistic.

Chicago Flash Mobs

In yesterdays blog I wrote that I thought people should take more control of their own destiny and not depend on the government for things, especially self defense.

Today I’m going to continue on that theme, but I think I have a better example to make my point.

In the news recently are some troubling events in Chicago Illinois. Apparently there have been a rash of teenage mobs attacking people with almost complete impunity. What makes this even more disturbing is that its happening in upscale areas and in broad daylight.

According to news reports, these flash mobs have descended on local businesses intimidating shoppers. They have shoplifted, attacked shoppers and bus riders, robbed tourists, and beaten bike riders. All this without any local police presence to speak of.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, North Avenue beach, located in one of Chicago’s affluent areas, was closed due to flash mob violence.

The Police chief of Chicago, then told the media that the closure was due to people succumbing to the hot weather. Really? You mean you aren’t even going to warn people so that they can avoid that area and stay safe?

So, to recap;
Local residents and tourists threatened, robbed and beaten.
Local businesses looted and harassed.
Mobs acting with complete impunity and no police presence to speak of.
The local police chief lying to the public about the danger and trying to cover it up.
And Chicago laws prohibiting citizens from carrying concealed weapons for protection.

Complete anarchy and lawlessness, no cops on the street, official denial, citizens prohibited from defending themselves. Makes total sense to me!?!?!?!

This is a very sad story and I’m sure it will devastate the tourism industry in Chicago. But it is a further illustration of why we can’t rely on the police for protection. And apparently in Chicago, you can’t even count on a heads up to stay away from violence plagued areas.

Folks, it pays to educate yourselves on some basic self defense techniques, and purchase some inexpensive self protection items. Depend on yourself, not big government bureaucrats, and you won’t be let down.

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