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Women In Beirut Stock Up On Pepper Spray, Stun Guns

The Crime Ridden Streets Of Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon – For years, Beirut has had a reputation as a dangerous place. The smoldering burned out cars, neighborhoods of dilapidated buildings, streets of rubble and Muslim terrorists have really put a damper on on the tourism industry.

Take all of those negatives and throw in the fact that the prevailing culture and religion permit, and perhaps even sanction violence against women and you have a recipe for disaster.

This helps to explain why women in Beirut have taken matters into their own hands. They’ve taken it upon themselves to be responsible for their own protection. Women are buying up self defense products like pepper spray and stun guns in record numbers.

Shop owners are starting to see personal protection devices like key-chain pepper sprays, 1 million volt stun guns disguised as cell phones fly off the shelves.

The security situation is already less than sub par in the country and recently, reports of increased harassment of women has many females on edge and living in fear.

One shop owner, who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from criminals, says that between pepper spray and stun guns he is currently selling about 30 defensive weapons for women per week; although, he adds, “it is usually guys buying them for their girlfriends or wives.”

Many women have been attacked in broad daylight and in full view of witnesses. Women who have purchased personal protection devices say they feel empowered and no longer live in constant fear when walking to the local market or running errands.

Self defense classes have also been seeing record attendance in recent months.

This story illustrates why it’s important for people, especially women, to take control of their own self defense. Even in a law-abiding country like the U.S. the Police can’t be everywhere and protect everyone. So it’s important for people to realize that they need to have a plan when confronted with a threat. That plan should include efforts at prevention like awareness and avoidance. However a good plan should also include efforts at self protection like martial arts training, pepper spray, a good handgun or some other form of protection.

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Women In Kolkata, India Choose Pepper Spray For Self-Defense

Pepper Spray is popular in India

One thing Piyali Ghosh, a marketing professional, never forgets to carry these days is her trustworthy pepper spray. She is one among the thousands of working women in the city who stay out till late night and feel the need for a safety device that is handy and effective.

Following the spurt in rape cases in the city, more women are putting their faith in pepper sprays for self-defense. In the last six months, the sale of these sprays has shot up by more than four times here.

“The Cobra Pepper Spray was launched six months ago. Priced at Rs. 499, we were initially selling about 50-60 cans a month. Now, it has shot up to 200 – 300 cans,” said Anmol Arora, director of the Calcutta Chemical Corporation.

Businessman V Jain bought the spray for his 22-year-old daughter since she travels long distances regularly. “With crimes against women on the rise in the city, I bought two cans for my daughter. She keeps one in her bag and the other in her car,” he said.

Each canister weighs about 35gm and is good for 5-6 sprays. It can take down eight to 10 people at a time. Although the spray does not harm the person permanently, his eyes keep burning for a couple of hours.

Although it is called pepper powder, the main ingredient is a chemical derived from a fruit from the chilli group which causes a burning sensation. It goes way back to the 1980s when it was first used by the US postal service to scare away dogs. In India, it was introduced a few years ago.

A shop owner at Metro Plaza said, “A few months ago we used to sell five cans. Now, we easily sell 60 cans.”

“We only hear about these sprays, but they aren’t available in the stores. The spray is good to scare away criminals,” said Jadavpur University student Ankita Ghosh.

Congratulations to officials in India for allowing their citizens to protect themselves. Too bad Great Britain and Australia still prevent their citizen from carrying self defense products. Maybe after more of their citizens are victimized, the politicians will see the error of their ways…..but we’re not holding our breath!

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Sikhs Consider Gun Ownership After Temple Massacre

Sikh Temple Of Wisconsin

Oak Creek, Wisconsin – Immediately following the Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre, there was the usual outcry for tougher gun control, but some members of the Sikh community are giving serious thought to arming themselves for personal protection in light of the tragedy.

The local Sikh community is still rattled after the Aug. 5 shooting in which Wade Michael Page opened fire at the Temple before a police officer gunned him down. His motive is still unknown, however he is a known white supremacist.

Many Sikhs now believe arming themselves may be the best form of self defense against hate crimes that have been perpetrated by attackers who mistake them for Muslims.

“I think that being able to legally obtain and carry a gun is the best thing any Sikh can do, especially after 9/11 where there have been over 800 documented cases of harassment and violence against us,” said Sim J. Singh, a practicing Sikh.

“The way the world is changing, I think I need to think about carrying a gun now,” Rajwinder Singh, the President of a Sikh Temple in Las Vegas, told FoxNews.com.

There is already precedent for carrying a self defense weapon in the Sikh religion. Sikhs are required by their religion to carry a dagger, called a “Kirpan”, for self defense, at all times.

“Our prophet said we should protect ourselves, and protect those who cannot defend themselves. He made sure that every [Sikh man] should carry a weapon,” Rajwinder Singh said.

“And now I know why my prophet says that I should carry a Kirpan. He saw that people should have some kind of protection.”

The president of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin unfortunately only had a butter knife in his possession to fight the gunman. He was gunned down but he undoubtedly slowed the attacker down. If he had a firearm he may have been able to stop the attack and save lives.

The response time for most Police departments is probably between two and four minutes. However, a lot can happen in that four minutes and if a private citizen is packing, lives can be saved. The cops can’t be everywhere and people shouldn’t rely on them arriving soon enough. Stronger gun control laws only punish law abiding citizens.

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India Allows Tasers To Control Wild Animals

Tasers Will Be Used Against Wild Animals That Attack Humans In India

Thiruvananthapuram, India – Although Tasers and Stun Guns are still illegal for the general public to possess, India will allow them for use by forest rangers for animal control. The Kerala Forest Department announced that they will use the Tasers as a means of controlling wild animal attacks along the Sahyādri mountain range in western India.

The Tasers will be used to fight off and subdue wild animals such as Tigers, who have a tendency to roam into villages and small towns near jungle areas.

Wild animal attacks occur in large numbers in local villages bordering the forest areas in Idukki, Pathanamthitta, Wayanad and Thiruvananthapuram.

Tasers work by firing two metal probes attached to a wire that send an electrical shock that penetrates the skin or fur, leading to a loss of muscle control and disorientation. The electrical shock will then stop the animal in its tracks, affecting the nervous system and interrupting the neuro-impluse communication with the brain.

Kerala Forestry officials, have tried conventional methods such as, traps and tranquilizer guns, however they have been ineffective in controlling some of the more violent and large animals such as tigers and elephants, that often attack humans. As a result they sought out new, non-lethal methods of controlling the animals without putting forest rangers in harm’s way.

“We have lost many lives because we could neither shoot down the animal nor save the victim. The stun guns will be used in life-and-death situations where there is hardly any time for response,” a senior forest official said. He said this device could even be used for overpowering elephants that go on the rampage under ‘musth’. “Usually, it takes hours to calm down such elephants. But one shot from this gun can bring an elephant to its knees, and then mahouts can take over.”

Paramjit Singh, head of Taser International (India), said that 10,000 Taser guns are being used in the USA both by Marshal Services and wildlife officials monitoring safari parks.

It’s interesting that India has seen the benefit of non-lethal methods of animal control. However, they should also realize that these same non-lethal methods can also provide a benefit to the citizens of their country against the criminals who prey on the innocent. A Taser would be the perfect option for the people of India who crave an inexpensive and effective way to provide for their own defense.

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UK Man Jailed For ………… Pepper Spray Possesion?

Another day, another story about a British citizen jailed for possessing self defense weapons. Our cousins across the pond really seem to take a dim view of law abiding citizens trying to protect themselves from crime and thugs.

Illegal, deadly weapons punishable by jail and fines.

A man who purchased pepper spray and paint ball pellets over the internet appeared at St Albans Crown Court last week pleading guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon.

Nicholas Erith, 54, from Watford, bought paint ball pellets, BB guns and pepper spray canisters over the internet for protection after last summer’s riots.

The prosecutor, David Chrimes, said in December of last year Erith, ordered pepper spray and paint ball pellets from the USA over the internet.

On January 3, of this year, the order was intercepted by the UK Border Agency. The following day his home was raided and searched. Carl Woolf, defending, said his client had bought the items in the wake of last year’s riots, which had taken place in August, but they had never left his property.

The charge Erith admitted in court was having in “his possession weapons designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing.”

Just some misunderstood Brits having some innocent fun.

Judge Martin Griffith sentenced Erith to 16 weeks in jail suspended for 12 months. He was also ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and pay £520 towards the prosecution’s costs.

It’s amazing how hard the Brits come down on some poor fella who wants some minimal measure of self protection and piece of mind, but treat the criminals with kid gloves.

Remember last years riots in not-so-Great Britain?

The police basically let the criminals run wild and victimize the public while they did nothing but wait for the rioters to run out of steam before making arrests. With laws against possessing self defense weapons and the cops looking the other way, the public was defenseless against these scum bags.

It’s too bad, the laws intended to reduce crime actually encourage criminals because they know that citizens are unarmed and defenseless.

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UK Man Jailed For Stun Gun

Here’s a great example of the complete failure of the justice system in the UK.

21 Months In Prison

A Brit who received a stun gun – disguised as a mobile phone – as a gift from his ex-girlfriend has been sentenced to 21 months in jail.

That’s no typo, 21 months for Stun Gun possession. None of the hoodlums who rioted in Britain several months ago received such harsh punishment.

Christopher Steven Loveridge, explained in court that the cell phone stun gun was a gift from his ex-girlfriend who had brought it back from Thailand for him.

The 25-year-old said it was only when police raided his home November 11 looking for the high voltage device that he realized that it was illegal. He produced evidence in court and said he had been given the device in a gift box by his ex-girlfriend.

He said: “…. It was given to me as a novelty, a joke. I didn’t use it.”

The UK…Where The Food Is Bad, And The Laws Are Worse!

His attorney, Patrick Currie, asked the judge not to sentence Loveridge to the statutory five year jail sentence for the offense. He highlighted that the weapon had not been used, that it had not been taken into a public place, he did not know it was illegal and that Loveridge had not bought the item himself.

Five years….He could have gotten five years….FOR A STUN GUN!! WOW!

Judge John Warner said, “I am satisfied you knew when you received it that it was some kind of electric zapper device, and I believe you knew that if used it would have some adverse effect.” He jailed Loveridge for 21 months.

Hey, what the hell, laws aren’t made for criminals, they’re for law abiding citizens to follow. After all, criminals are misunderstood, and we need to have compassion for them because they are a product of their environment. In short, they don’t know any better.

Law abiding citizens that are simply looking for a way to fend off the rioting miscreants? Well, we can’t have that can we? We can’t have people trying to defend themselves with illegal weapons, those weapons are supposed to be used to commit crimes by the misunderstood criminals, who then should go to counseling so we can better understand their feelings and try to rehabilitate them.

Wow, no wonder the UK is in the toilet. Where’s Winston Churchill when you need him?

I really feel for the poor citizens of the UK. Their elected officials pass insane laws that limit their ability to protect themselves. Then when some poor schmuck breaks the law because he wants some minimum degree of safety, they sentence him to more jail time than the dimwits who are committing real crimes!

Laws like that only embolden the criminals, who know that the populace is unarmed and easy prey. So sad. Hopefully the U.S. will never stoop that low.

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Citizens of Guwahati, India arm themselves after a violent attack rocks the country

A violent sexual assault has put India’s citizens on edge

Guwahati, India – After a recent molestation made world-wide headlines, locals have begun stocking up on self defense supplies. Pepper sprays, stun guns, telescopic batons and knives are a few things that natives of this Indian city have been purchasing en masse in recent weeks.

The early July Guwahati molestation incident seems to have spurred the trend, and has rocked the entire country due to circumstances of the event. On or about July 9th approximately 17 men were involved in the sexual assault of a female outside a pub. It gets worse, the incident was apparently filmed by a reporter, who never thought to try to prevent it or even call police. As of this writing, 15 suspects have been arrested.

The Guwahati incident has instilled fear in single working women, and parents worried about their children’s safety. Now, many locals are buying self defense products or enrolling in self defense classes.

Officials have urged women employees working night shifts to equip themselves with self-defense tools and get some simple training to escape danger.

Experts suggest that in addition to pepper spray, consistent awareness is also a good idea.“Pepper spray can be a handy tool, but being aware of your surroundings is also important. In the last one week, we’ve had a large number of single working women and worried parents enrolling their teenage daughters in our Krav Maga self-defense classes,” says Franklin Joseph, self-defense instructor, Bad-ass Combat Academy.

Pepper Spray has been selling like crazy in India

Further, many are buying telescopic batons and stun guns — though they cost a little more than pepper sprays — which are handy, he added.

Sonia Narang, a local official, said “People are becoming more proactive and taking precautions now. We have issued pamphlets with simple tips to create awareness. While Bangalore is quite safe for women, the first step is to become more alert. Women need to arm themselves.”

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, the danger of becoming a victim of street crime knows no borders. Pepper spray is one of the easiest, and least expensive tools you have at your disposal. Other options include stun guns and Tasers.

The police can’t be everywhere, and they likely won’t be nearby when you need help. Individuals must take responsibility for their own self defense. Don’t leave something as important as your personal safety to chance. Educate yourself by reading our self defense articles and protect your self with self defense products and self defense classes.

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New Zealand Cops Say No To Self Defense Against Burglars

New Zealand Cops tell residents to submit to burglars

New Zealand - criminals welcome!

You can’t make this stuff up! Cops in New Zealand are actually advising people not to defend themselves in the event of a break in at their homes. They apparently believe that an attempt to defend yourself will result in the burglar getting angry and using the weapon against you. This is complete rubbish! If an intruder breaks into an occupied home, this demonstrates that he is brazen enough to commit a crime when he knows that the homeowner is likely to be there. If he is that bold, he obviously wouldn’t hesitate to do harm to the homeowner, regardless of whether the victim has a weapon or not.

In this situation, using a weapon might be the only opportunity for the homeowner to escape unscathed. The fact that the Cops are advising against self defense is an absolute outrage! What do the cops expect people to do? Wait it out and hope the bad guy doesn’t hurt you? Just pray and rely on the scum bags sympathy and kindness? The naivete of some people is just amazing!

Apparently there have been a rash of burglaries recently and citizens don’t feel completely safe.

We have a monopoly on self defense!

As we’ve said before, you can’t count on the Cops to protect you. They are there to pick up the pieces after a crime has been committed. People need to be responsible for their own self defense. And for the Cops to advise against this is irresponsible!

This quote from Sergeant Jared Thompson of Thames police says it all; “This is not advisable as any weapon lying around the home has the potential to be used by an intruder against the homeowner”.

We are usually never at a loss for words, but we’re speechless!!! Although it is usually never advisable to chase a criminal when they are already in the process of running away, this is completely different. This is a situation where someone is trying to break into your home and cause you harm. How can anyone in a position of authority advise people to refrain from defending yourself?

Our advice to you is to ignore these buffoons and use some common sense. Don’t go looking for trouble, avoid it all costs. But if it finds you, make sure you’re ready to fight it head on!

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Stun Guns in the UK

UK says no to self defense

Its nothing new that Britain takes an anti-self defense weapons stance, as they banned handguns in 1997 following a horrible massacre of school children. However, the following story illustrates the folly of such policies.


Cell phone stun guns have been flooding UK’s black market for some time, in fact British officials believe there may be more than 10,000 stun guns in circulation. Typical liberal hand-wringing about the dangers of these stun guns dominate the news story. In fact the story goes on to imply that criminals will use them to cause injury. Perhaps they never bothered to consider that citizens would use them to protect themselves?

By banning handguns and stun guns, they essentially take away any legal means of self defense from ordinary citizens. After all, what criminal is going to obey such a ban? If you answered none, you’re already smarter than a British politician.

In fact a study released in 2001, analyzed the first two years of the UK’s gun ban. The study found that hand gun crime increased 40% in the first two years of the ban. This is not hard to understand. Criminals don’t buy guns legally, they buy them on the black market, whether there is a gun ban or not, they’ll find a way to circumvent the law. Honest citizens will obey the law because they are law-abiding. So the criminals will obtain weapons and feel emboldened because they know the citizens will offer little in the way of resistance.

Tasers flood the UK

Ordinary citizens will abide by the law, criminals will not, leading to a predictable result. Predictable that is, if you have common sense. Not so predictable if you are a do-gooder, liberal, politician, intent on making her Majesty’s loyal subjects victims of society’s miscreants and criminal element. They seem genuinely shocked when gun crimes actually rise after a hand-gun ban.

Stun guns that could be used in one of two ways; 1) By criminals against citizens who are unarmed by way of Government fiat, 2) By citizens looking to provide themselves and their families some minimal degree of security on the mean streets of London.

Possesion of a stun gun is a crime in the UK

Because of the UK’s sick and twisted social experiment, innocent people are being victimized daily and have no recourse. The Bobbies will be glad to come out and take a report for ya mate, after you’ve been beaten, assaulted, raped or robbed. How comforting, you’ll have a police report detailing the nightmare you’ve gone through, to keep as a little momento to remember the occasion.

A bit of advice to my cousins across the pond, banning activities or inanimate objects don’t work. Want proof? We had a little thing here in the U.S. about a hundred years ago called prohibition. Didn’t stop a soul from drinking alcohol, in fact consumption went up as alcohol was criminalized, and the mob took over distribution leading to more violent crime.

Illegal drugs? You wouldn’t know they were illegal in the U.S. as billions of dollars of drugs flood the country every year.

How about cigarettes? Some states like California have such a high tax rate on them that a burgeoning black market has emerged for those who want to save a bucks on their smokes.

So the lesson to take from this is that we can’t and shouldn’t rely on the government for personal protection. It’s impossible for them to keep every single citizen completely safe. The least they should do is to allow us to protect ourselves. To do anything less, like banning self defense products, is criminal.

Stun Guns in Egypt

Living in Egypt apparently isn’t as safe as it used to be. On the bustling streets of Cairo, vendors are setting up shop on street corners, selling everything from fruit to electronics. But one new trend has surfaced that reflects the growing crime rate and sense of insecurity among its citizens; the popularity of stun guns.  Many street vendors are setting up shop selling Chinese made stun guns for self protection. They retail for about 100 to 200 Egyptian pounds (about 20 – 30 dollars), which makes them affordable to average Egyptians.

Although the government is trying hard to convince foreigners that the country is safe, it hasn’t yet convinced it’s own citizens. Since the fall of Mubarak, sales of stun guns have skyrocketed as citizens look to take responsibility for their own self defense.

There seems to be a rising sentiment among the Egyptian people that the rise in crime and ensuing insecurity is intentional, that the government fosters this insecurity to manipulate the populace to crave a strong response. Thus, opening the door for a strong military ruler to take over.

Whatever the cause, it’s clear that Egyptians have decided to provide for their own personal protection” instead of relying on the police. They have embraced the use of self defense products as a solution to the crime problem as well as showing their capitalistic side. Whatever the eventual outcome, you have to admire their resolve and rugged individualism.

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