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Politically Correct Media and Violent Crime

Welcome to Norfolk Virginia, famous for Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk Navel Base and rampant, unreported, unchecked mobs and miscellaneous violent crime.

This story is a little different than most self defense stories we write about. Yes, it’s about self defense, crime prevention and how to avoid becoming the victim of a crime. However, it goes even deeper than that. It’s a story that is even more frightening and it illustrates exactly why you should only count on yourself for protection. It also illustrates how the media in our country will avoid printing the truth if it’s politically incorrect or if it doesn’t fit a particular agenda or narrative that they are trying to advance.

In mid April in Norfolk Virginia, Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami were driving home after a nice evening watching a show at the Attucks Theatre. While stopped at a red light someone threw an object that broke the passenger side window where Rostami was seated. Foster exited the vehicle to confront the assailant and that’s when the mob preceded to beat him repeatedly.

Neither of them suffered serious injuries, however, they were forced to miss a week of work to recuperate from the injuries. Forster had cuts and bruises throughout his body, his torso ached from kicks and blows to his ribs, and he received a good-sized bump on his head.

OK, so far it sounds pretty scary but no worse than the thousands of other assaults that occur in the U.S. in an average month, right? Well here is where it gets interesting.

Norfolk Police “Protecting the criminal miscreants from innocent civilians”

The responding officer didn’t exactly instill faith in the Norfolk Police Department. Rostami, who admittedly, and understandably was a bit hysterical while describing the events was told by the officer to “SHUT UP AND GET IN YOUR CAR!” I somehow doubt that criminals in Norfolk are treated as bad as the victims by Norfolk PD.

Forster and Rostami both indicated that the officer refused to record the names of the witnesses who stopped to help. His quote was, “…probably juveniles anyway. What are we going to do? Find their parents and tell them?” Yeah that would be a good start. Isn’t that your damn job? I guess making an arrest for a crime is frowned upon in Norfolk?

The officer then pointed to the “projects” where the assailants likely lived and said large groups of teenagers look for trouble on the weekends. “It’s what they do,” he told Forster. Hey, it’s what they do. Some kids play sports, some play video games and some engage in raping, pillaging and terrorizing the local townsfolk. They’re just kids having fun, what’s the problem? What do you want me to do, I’m just some cop killing time, waiting to retire on a generous taxpayer-funded pension.

Unbelievable!! Violent teen mobs are running rampant on the streets of Norkolk because the cops don’t take it serious and victims have no recourse.

The Virginian-Pilot – “All the news that’s fit to print! Except the controversial stuff, or politically incorrect, or hard-hitting, or anything other than fluff pieces and feel-good animal stories!”

However, this isn’t even the worst of it. Foster and Rostami just happen to be reporters for The Virginian-Pilot, a local newspaper. Their beating wasn’t even reported in their own paper until almost two weeks after it happened. And even then it was only mentioned because an columnist in the Opinion Page wrote about it. Yeah, that’s right, their own newspaper hushed it up and it took an Op-Ed piece to expose it. The attack took place in a minority community and the newspaper obviously felt it was a violation of political correctness to report a true incident.

So to recap; Norfolk cops are lazy bastards who don’t take pride in their work, and don’t care about victims or fighting crime. And the Norfolk press won’t report on crimes being committed against their own employees out of some strange sense of political correctness?

If you think this is limited to Norfolk Virginia, you’re fooling yourself. Let this be a lesson to all of us. You need to be responsible for your own self defense, the police can’t be everywhere to save you. and apparently sometimes don’t even care. And don’t count on the media to keep you informed about what’s really going on if it doesn’t fit their world view or warped sense of political correctness. If you want real news about crime, what areas to avoid and how to protect yourself, don’t look to the mainstream media. Look to the internet and blogs like this one. Stay safe!

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Women’s Self Defense

Just ran across this story about women’s self defense and I thought I would share it with you:

On Tuesday night, I was leaving the supermarket and getting into my car at about 8:30 p.m. when a man approached me and forced his way into the car. I had just loaded my groceries and was getting ready to start the car when I saw him through the corner of my eye. I tried to close the door shut but it was too late.

He jumped in the car and was sitting on the driver’s seat with me, pushing me, pulling my hair, and shouting at me to move over. I fought back as hard as I could – yelling, shoving him out, honking the horn, trying to key him in the eye, and luckily I had pepper spray on my key-chain that I sprayed at him. The guy eventually got back out of the car and took off running. He got in a truck with another guy and they sped away. I was in a well-lit spot in the parking lot – just 3 or 4 spots from the entrance to Target. Despite my honking and yelling, no one came to help.

Thank God that I am fine – just a few bumps and bruises, and I managed to get away, but I hate the thought that somebody else would not be that lucky. This guy is still out there, and I’m sure he’s not the only crazy that would do something like he did. Please be careful and please be aware! Don’t ever think you’re being overly cautious. Had I been less aware, this guy may have accomplished what he intended to do, and I don’t even want to think of the possibilities. We hear of this stuff happening, and I know I sort of had the attitude that, yes, it happens, but it won’t happen to me. I learned the hard way that it can happen to anyone in any place – there are some terrible people out there. Janice, Austin, Texas.

This story demonstrates how important it is to be aware of your surroundings. This guy approached her car and she didn’t even see him until it was too late. Also notice how she honked her horn and made noise and nobody came to her assistance? When it comes to personal protection, we are all on our own. The police aren’t always going to be around and bystanders often are too afraid to help. Luckily she had some pepper spray to fight the guy off.

If our society wasn’t so paranoid about private citizens carrying guns, someone in that parking lot might’ve been packing and could have put an end to this thing even quicker. Food for thought.

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