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Sikhs Consider Gun Ownership After Temple Massacre

Sikh Temple Of Wisconsin

Oak Creek, Wisconsin – Immediately following the Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre, there was the usual outcry for tougher gun control, but some members of the Sikh community are giving serious thought to arming themselves for personal protection in light of the tragedy.

The local Sikh community is still rattled after the Aug. 5 shooting in which Wade Michael Page opened fire at the Temple before a police officer gunned him down. His motive is still unknown, however he is a known white supremacist.

Many Sikhs now believe arming themselves may be the best form of self defense against hate crimes that have been perpetrated by attackers who mistake them for Muslims.

“I think that being able to legally obtain and carry a gun is the best thing any Sikh can do, especially after 9/11 where there have been over 800 documented cases of harassment and violence against us,” said Sim J. Singh, a practicing Sikh.

“The way the world is changing, I think I need to think about carrying a gun now,” Rajwinder Singh, the President of a Sikh Temple in Las Vegas, told FoxNews.com.

There is already precedent for carrying a self defense weapon in the Sikh religion. Sikhs are required by their religion to carry a dagger, called a “Kirpan”, for self defense, at all times.

“Our prophet said we should protect ourselves, and protect those who cannot defend themselves. He made sure that every [Sikh man] should carry a weapon,” Rajwinder Singh said.

“And now I know why my prophet says that I should carry a Kirpan. He saw that people should have some kind of protection.”

The president of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin unfortunately only had a butter knife in his possession to fight the gunman. He was gunned down but he undoubtedly slowed the attacker down. If he had a firearm he may have been able to stop the attack and save lives.

The response time for most Police departments is probably between two and four minutes. However, a lot can happen in that four minutes and if a private citizen is packing, lives can be saved. The cops can’t be everywhere and people shouldn’t rely on them arriving soon enough. Stronger gun control laws only punish law abiding citizens.

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