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UK Man Jailed For ………… Pepper Spray Possesion?

Another day, another story about a British citizen jailed for possessing self defense weapons. Our cousins across the pond really seem to take a dim view of law abiding citizens trying to protect themselves from crime and thugs.

Illegal, deadly weapons punishable by jail and fines.

A man who purchased pepper spray and paint ball pellets over the internet appeared at St Albans Crown Court last week pleading guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon.

Nicholas Erith, 54, from Watford, bought paint ball pellets, BB guns and pepper spray canisters over the internet for protection after last summer’s riots.

The prosecutor, David Chrimes, said in December of last year Erith, ordered pepper spray and paint ball pellets from the USA over the internet.

On January 3, of this year, the order was intercepted by the UK Border Agency. The following day his home was raided and searched. Carl Woolf, defending, said his client had bought the items in the wake of last year’s riots, which had taken place in August, but they had never left his property.

The charge Erith admitted in court was having in “his possession weapons designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing.”

Just some misunderstood Brits having some innocent fun.

Judge Martin Griffith sentenced Erith to 16 weeks in jail suspended for 12 months. He was also ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and pay £520 towards the prosecution’s costs.

It’s amazing how hard the Brits come down on some poor fella who wants some minimal measure of self protection and piece of mind, but treat the criminals with kid gloves.

Remember last years riots in not-so-Great Britain?

The police basically let the criminals run wild and victimize the public while they did nothing but wait for the rioters to run out of steam before making arrests. With laws against possessing self defense weapons and the cops looking the other way, the public was defenseless against these scum bags.

It’s too bad, the laws intended to reduce crime actually encourage criminals because they know that citizens are unarmed and defenseless.

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One thought on “UK Man Jailed For ………… Pepper Spray Possesion?

  1. The U.K. is a crime hell hole due to Common Purpose infiltration of many of its systems including the Police Force. Many criminal protections but nothing for the Lawful peoples. But what do you expect from a Government truly desiring Ordo-Ab-Chao in order to eventually have an excuse to bring in draconian martial law typc systems in the New World Order.

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