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Ex Marine Uses A Gun To Prevent An Assault

Semper Fi

Port St. Lucie Florida — An ex-Marine in his 20’s fired two bullets outside a movie theater early Tuesday after he and his wife were assaulted. This was the same thug who, moments earlier disrupted a movie inside the theater, a police spokesman said.

The altercation occurred as the youth was trying to get back into the theater to retrieve a cellphone he left behind, said police spokesman Master Sgt. Frank Sabol.

During the movie showing in Port St. Lucie, the 16-year-old youth and a friend were noisy enough for the theater manager to go into the theater and tell them to be quiet.

After exiting the movie, “(The 16-year-old) was trying to go back in the theater (through the out door) when he bumped into the victim and started an altercation,” the officer said. “(The youth) said something.” The couple were pushed and the husband was punched in the face and the youth’s friend began to approach the couple.

The husband, who is a former Marine, “feared for his safety, pulled his gun, for which he has a concealed permit, and fired two bullets,” Sabol said.

One bullet hit the 16-year-old’s hat. The other bullet hit a front window at the theater.

Sabol said having a concealed firearm in a movie isn’t an offense.

The four suspects, who police said were not armed with any weapons, fled in a SUV. Port St. Lucie police stopped them near the movie theater.

Just another example of someone using a gun in self defense to stop crime.

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