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iPhone Case That Doubles As A Stun Gun

iPhone Stun Case

Well, it was bound to happen. We’ve seen an iPhone case with brass knuckles, we’ve also seen an iPhone case with pepper spray, and finally we’ve seen a fake iPhone that was actually a Stun Gun. So why not a stun gun built into an actual, usable iPhone case?

Be careful not to push the wrong button while talking on your phone or you’ll get a 650,000 volt surprise.

A Baton Rouge based company called “Yellow Jacket” has created an iPhone case that doubles as a stun gun. According to a promo video for the product, you can use this to avoid: robbery, assault, rape and murder.

“Here at Yellow Jacket, we know from first-hand experience what is needed in a violent situation to escape danger,” the company says on its site. “We have designed our iPhone 4 stun gun case to be easily deployable with one hand. In less than two seconds, both safety mechanisms can be deactivated and the Yellow Jacket stun gun is ready for action. Compare this to a regular stun gun which can take five to ten seconds to find and deploy.”

“Our iPhone stun gun case is capable of stopping an aggressive attacker,” Yellow Jacket says. “The 650K volt of electricity flows from the electrodes and into the assailant upon contact providing a potential victim with the opportunity to escape danger. Unlike other phone cases, the Yellow Jacket iPhone 4 case gives you the ability to defend yourself.”

“The effects of Yellow Jacket are loud, painful and disorienting,” says co-founder Seth Froom. “We developed the Yellow Jacket to be able to take down a fully grown, aggressive, adult male.”

For now, it’s just available for the iPhone 4 and 4S, but Android versions are on the way.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone Case That Doubles As A Stun Gun

  1. maeric on said:

    I have a question. What do you do about the violent children or criminals that will get their hands on this to use to hurt and use it for crimes. Especially now with all those children that wild out or the violent flash mob mentality. How do you stop them from doing violent acts with this thing. They just gave children, bullies and criminals more edge and leverage against their victims.

  2. Criminals can already get their hands on a variety of weapons; guns, pepper spray, knives, clubs or anything else that can be turned into a makeshift weapon. But that doesn’t mean that we should keep law-abiding citizens from having them. We have already tried that in states and countries where they have banned or made it extremely difficult to get firearms. The criminals simply ignore the laws and the law-abiding citizens are left without any way to defend themselves.

    The only solution is to allow citizens to arm themselves to counter whatever measures the criminals take. I guarantee you criminals think twice if they believe a potential victim may be armed.

    As far as children go, stun guns can’t be legally sold to anyone under the age of 18, so they can’t even legally acquire them anyway.

    I think many people think we can create a utopia where there is no violence and everyone loves one another and no one can use a weapon against someone else.

    The reality is there are evil people in this world who look to take advantage of innocent people with force. The only way to counter it is with equal or superior force. I know that isn’t what many people want to hear, but it is a fact of life.

    We can’t prevent criminals, violent children or flash mobs from brutalizing people. However, we can take steps to protect ourselves and fight back when trouble finds us.

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