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A Pepper Spray Gun That Also Shoots Video?

Pepper video gun

A Massachusetts company is developing a prototype of a pepper spray gun equipped with infrared video surveillance, a device its inventors say could have prevented the Trayvon Martin killing at the center of a national firestorm over Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Co-invented by a retired Connecticut state police lieutenant, Enginasion’s Restrain and Identify, or R-I-D, is designed to disperse the proper amount of spray to disable an attacker while transmitting a GPS location, sound and pictures of both the user and the assailant to the nearest law enforcement command center or security company.

“We thought that by putting the technology of surveillance cameras with the ability to talk to law enforcement, you would have prevented that awful tragedy down south, and you would have an objective record of what happened,” Enginasion’s CEO and founder, David Bonneau, said, referring to the fatal shooting of Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old, by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch coordinator charged with his murder.

Retired state police Lt. Ronald Oulette said he thought of the idea in the 1990s when he noticed many civilians — and police officers — weren’t properly trained to use pepper spray.

So he teamed with Bonneau and hired two engineers to develop a device with sensors to determine how far away an assailant is before releasing the right amount of pepper spray.

“It would give a perfect spray every time,” Oulette said, “and if someone brings a lawsuit against a police officer, you would know exactly what the person and the police officer did.”

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