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iPhone Knucklecase

Where else can you Kick some ass and check e-mail at the same time?

If you like the iPhone pepper spray case, you’ll probably like the newest iPhone case to hit the market; the brass knuckles iPhone case!

Hey, if you’re like most people you’ve probably searched for an answer to the age old question….How can I fit both, an iPhone and a pair of brass knuckles in the same pocket? After all, who really has enough room for both? Well, in the interest of saving valuable and limited pocket space, some genius decided to combine the two.

The idea sounds cool, doesn’t it? Play some Angry Birds, make a call, check e-mail, then give some punk a nice uppercut to the jaw. Well, unfortunately, the knuckle case fails on all counts. First off, it’s way to bulky to function as a case, and it doesn’t fit very comfortably into your pocket. It’s also difficult to hold in one hand and operate the phone at the same time.

Second, it doesn’t work as a pair of brass knuckles (for starters, it’s made of aluminum) because it’s impossible to grip correctly. Remember, you want the loops to fit snugly and the handle to be supported against the palm of your hand. It’s simply too wide to fit comfortably into your palm to provide any support. You’ll probably be better off just throwing your iPhone at your attacker.

Hey, we applaud the effort. After all, any attempt to help people protect themselves against the scum bags of the world deserves some credit. However, this is nothing more than a novelty and a conversation piece. If you really want to protect yourself, get a real pair of brass knuckles, key-chain pepper spray or a high powered stun gun.

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