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Pharmacy worker pepper sprays robber

Pharmacy worker pepper sprays robber

Strong enough for a man, but made for a grizzly!

It’s nice to see scum bags get what’s coming to them. Here’s an inspirational story about a pharmacist, a would be robber and some red-hot grizzly bear pepper spray!

Employees took matters into their own hands recently after an attempted robbery at a pharmacy in Deer Park, Washington.

According to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, a man walked into the Medicine Shoppe around 4:30 p.m. and demanded prescription drugs. Store employees then took action and used pepper spray on him.

It was unknown if the robber had a weapon but he handed the pharmacist a note that indicated he had a firearm. According to employees, the man had robbed the store twice before.

Manager and pharmacist Susan Beller went to the back to grab the narcotics like she had done two times before when he hit them December 5th and 30th. She fought back with a canister of grizzly bear pepper spray they keep behind the counter.

The robber fled, but deputies arrested him after friends called 911 due to concern for their friend. Grizzly bear spray is much hotter than models manufactured specifically for humans, so the robber mostly likely was in excruciating pain!

Stupid Criminal update

Honey, where are the kids?

Well, most people forget things from time to time like mailing the gas bill, or where they put the car keys but this has got to be a first.

Michael S. Kaufman and Kelsey Grobmeier (pictured at right) were charged with theft, criminal trespassing, endangering the welfare of a minor and tampering with physical evidence by police after a family shoplifting trip to a local Walmart went awry.

The cops say the Kentucky geniuses shoplifted a cellphone and some makeup from a Walmart, but forgot their two children as they fled the store. When they returned to the Walmart several hours later, the kids were fine, but the parents were then arrested. Some criminals leave incriminating evidence behind like an ID, a wallet, or fingerprints but live human children? Time to find a new line of work.

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