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Disneyland Pepper Spray Incident

By now most of you have seen the video of the drunk, belligerent guy getting pepper sprayed by security personal at Disneyland. If you notice in the video, the guy continues to get up after he’s been sprayed several times.

The Happiest Place On Earth

I’ve heard some people in the media argue that this demonstrates why pepper spray is not effective for civilian use. The fact that this individual continues to get back up off the ground and tries to engage security illustrates the ineffectiveness of pepper spray, or so the argument goes.

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However, despite the fact that we profit from the sale of pepper spray does not subtract from the logic of our sound arguments. Follow me on this;

First of all, the way law enforcement personal (cops, security guards, etc) and civilians use pepper spray is completely different. Therefore their expectations and definition of effectiveness is different.

Consider this analogy of a Nascar driver and a truck driver. An argument can be made that a big rig truck is inferior to a race car because the race car is faster. However, the truck driver isn’t interested in speed, he is interested in comfort as he has to drive long stretches in his truck. The truck driver can make an argument that a big rig is better because there is more room to haul large loads. But the Nascar driver couldn’t care less about that because he isn’t delivering goods, he’s racing!

So, it’s ridiculous to compare the two because they both have different requirements in their chosen form of transportation and therefore a different definition of what is best. Makes sense, right?

Cops and security personal use pepper spray to temporarily disorient a suspect in order to subdue them in the process of an arrest. They use it to gain a temporary advantage. The suspect, fearing arrest will usually fight through the pain to keep from being arrested.

Ordinary citizens use pepper spray to temporarily disorient an attacker so that they can gain a few valuable seconds to escape. Ordinary citizens aren’t going to stick around and try to apprehend the attacker.

Pepper Spray Defense

In both scenarios the pepper spray is being used to disorient someone. However, in one instance it’s then followed up with an attempt to apprehend which leads to resistance. In the other instance, the user then escapes, leaving the attacker to tend to their wounds. The attacker is unlikely to chase someone who just pepper sprayed them but is likely to fight back while being apprehended.

See the difference? So why can’t supposedly educated members of the media use this logic when assessing the effectiveness of self defense weapons? Bias? Stupidity? Both?

The bottom line is, pepper spray is a very effective method for ordinary citizens to uses as a self defense weapon against an attacker. Don’t let anyone with an agenda tell you any different, use your own mind to determine if pepper spray is right for you.

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One thought on “Disneyland Pepper Spray Incident

  1. Ashley on said:

    What makes this video funny is the fact that some lady keeps screaming in the background, “There’s kids around!!” I think she’s more annoying than the drunk slob!

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