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Tazer Ball

Tazer Ball - Not For The Faint Of Heart!

If conventional team sports just don’t give you enough of an adrenaline rush there is a new sport that you might get excited about.

Teams compete on a Hockey-rink size field with an over sized soccer ball that must be advanced across the playing filed and into the opponents goal. Sounds pretty tame, right? Well how about opposing players attempting to prevent you from scoring by zapping you with a 300,000 volt stun gun?

This isn’t a late-night comedy sketch, it’s real. Welcome to Ultimate Tazer Ball.

In Ultimate Tazer Ball, players try to zap opponents with 300,000-volt stun guns, to induce intense pain and muscle spasms which will make them drop the ball, trip and fall, or induce uncontrollable convulsions and drooling. Only the player in possession of the freakishly over-sized ball may be zapped

The games inventors claim that it is safe, and it actually is. This is how Stun Guns work; They deliver a high voltage, up to a million volts for some models, it’s not voltage that causes death. Amperage is what causes death. An amperage of about 200 milliamps can cause death in humans, a typical Stun Gun has about 5 – 10 milliamps, far to small to cause any serious damage.

Chicks Dig  ME

Still, despite it’s relative safety it’s hard to imagine anyone choosing to take a Stun Gun zap willingly.

In a promotional video on You Tube one player is quoted as saying “It hurts, man, it doesn’t feel good.” another is quoted as saying, “If you’re scared, don’t play.” What’s next, full contact golf?

Click Here to see the video.

We never thought we’d see the day when Stun Guns went from self defense products to sporting goods. But if it helps us to sell more stun guns, then the sight of grown men writhing in pain, drooling uncontrollably, curled up in a fetal position sounds great to us!

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