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New Zealand Cops Say No To Self Defense Against Burglars

New Zealand Cops tell residents to submit to burglars

New Zealand - criminals welcome!

You can’t make this stuff up! Cops in New Zealand are actually advising people not to defend themselves in the event of a break in at their homes. They apparently believe that an attempt to defend yourself will result in the burglar getting angry and using the weapon against you. This is complete rubbish! If an intruder breaks into an occupied home, this demonstrates that he is brazen enough to commit a crime when he knows that the homeowner is likely to be there. If he is that bold, he obviously wouldn’t hesitate to do harm to the homeowner, regardless of whether the victim has a weapon or not.

In this situation, using a weapon might be the only opportunity for the homeowner to escape unscathed. The fact that the Cops are advising against self defense is an absolute outrage! What do the cops expect people to do? Wait it out and hope the bad guy doesn’t hurt you? Just pray and rely on the scum bags sympathy and kindness? The naivete of some people is just amazing!

Apparently there have been a rash of burglaries recently and citizens don’t feel completely safe.

We have a monopoly on self defense!

As we’ve said before, you can’t count on the Cops to protect you. They are there to pick up the pieces after a crime has been committed. People need to be responsible for their own self defense. And for the Cops to advise against this is irresponsible!

This quote from Sergeant Jared Thompson of Thames police says it all; “This is not advisable as any weapon lying around the home has the potential to be used by an intruder against the homeowner”.

We are usually never at a loss for words, but we’re speechless!!! Although it is usually never advisable to chase a criminal when they are already in the process of running away, this is completely different. This is a situation where someone is trying to break into your home and cause you harm. How can anyone in a position of authority advise people to refrain from defending yourself?

Our advice to you is to ignore these buffoons and use some common sense. Don’t go looking for trouble, avoid it all costs. But if it finds you, make sure you’re ready to fight it head on!

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One thought on “New Zealand Cops Say No To Self Defense Against Burglars

  1. There isn’t an intruder who breaks in my house that will have an opportunity to use one of my weapons against me!

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