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Stun Guns in the UK

UK says no to self defense

Its nothing new that Britain takes an anti-self defense weapons stance, as they banned handguns in 1997 following a horrible massacre of school children. However, the following story illustrates the folly of such policies.


Cell phone stun guns have been flooding UK’s black market for some time, in fact British officials believe there may be more than 10,000 stun guns in circulation. Typical liberal hand-wringing about the dangers of these stun guns dominate the news story. In fact the story goes on to imply that criminals will use them to cause injury. Perhaps they never bothered to consider that citizens would use them to protect themselves?

By banning handguns and stun guns, they essentially take away any legal means of self defense from ordinary citizens. After all, what criminal is going to obey such a ban? If you answered none, you’re already smarter than a British politician.

In fact a study released in 2001, analyzed the first two years of the UK’s gun ban. The study found that hand gun crime increased 40% in the first two years of the ban. This is not hard to understand. Criminals don’t buy guns legally, they buy them on the black market, whether there is a gun ban or not, they’ll find a way to circumvent the law. Honest citizens will obey the law because they are law-abiding. So the criminals will obtain weapons and feel emboldened because they know the citizens will offer little in the way of resistance.

Tasers flood the UK

Ordinary citizens will abide by the law, criminals will not, leading to a predictable result. Predictable that is, if you have common sense. Not so predictable if you are a do-gooder, liberal, politician, intent on making her Majesty’s loyal subjects victims of society’s miscreants and criminal element. They seem genuinely shocked when gun crimes actually rise after a hand-gun ban.

Stun guns that could be used in one of two ways; 1) By criminals against citizens who are unarmed by way of Government fiat, 2) By citizens looking to provide themselves and their families some minimal degree of security on the mean streets of London.

Possesion of a stun gun is a crime in the UK

Because of the UK’s sick and twisted social experiment, innocent people are being victimized daily and have no recourse. The Bobbies will be glad to come out and take a report for ya mate, after you’ve been beaten, assaulted, raped or robbed. How comforting, you’ll have a police report detailing the nightmare you’ve gone through, to keep as a little momento to remember the occasion.

A bit of advice to my cousins across the pond, banning activities or inanimate objects don’t work. Want proof? We had a little thing here in the U.S. about a hundred years ago called prohibition. Didn’t stop a soul from drinking alcohol, in fact consumption went up as alcohol was criminalized, and the mob took over distribution leading to more violent crime.

Illegal drugs? You wouldn’t know they were illegal in the U.S. as billions of dollars of drugs flood the country every year.

How about cigarettes? Some states like California have such a high tax rate on them that a burgeoning black market has emerged for those who want to save a bucks on their smokes.

So the lesson to take from this is that we can’t and shouldn’t rely on the government for personal protection. It’s impossible for them to keep every single citizen completely safe. The least they should do is to allow us to protect ourselves. To do anything less, like banning self defense products, is criminal.


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