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Dry Cleaner Foils Robbery


In St. Charles, Mo. criminals better not tangle with a certain clerk at a local dry cleaners. At First Capitol Cleaners an attempted robbery was foiled when the clerk at the cleaners stabbed the suspect. Here is what happened;

At around 1:00 p.m. in broad daylight, the would-be robber entered the St. Charles business and demanded money from the clerk. He lead the clerk to believe that he had a weapon in his jacket, then reached for the register.

The clerk, who didn’t have a firearm or any other self defense products, decided to improvise. He stabbed the robber in the hand with a “seam ripper”. A seam ripper is a small tool used for unpicking stitches in a piece of clothing. It’s a common tool used in the garment industry and apparently dry cleaning businesses as well.

seam ripper

The suspect was last seen running from the store, bleeding profusely, and whimpering like a wounded animal.

The following quote is a description of the suspect; “The suspect is described as a white male, wearing a navy blue hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and gloves. The suspect concealed his features with a black article of clothing and large sunglasses.”

The things that stand out are “…hooded sweatshirt…” and “…large sunglasses.” Hooded sweatshirts, sunglasses and hats are all great ways for a criminal to conceal their appearance. Just something to look out for.

The next quote from the story wins the award for the understatement of the year; “The suspect may have sustained an injury to his hand during the robbery”. Really? Do ya think?

In any case, this story is a great example of someone thinking on their feet and using whatever is at their disposal as an improvised self defense weapon.


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