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Robber Gets Taken Down By Oven Cleaner

We’ve had a common theme in recent posts; Improvised self defense weapons. Well that theme continues today. In a story out of Utah, some joker attempted to rob a Mexican restaurant but was foiled by an employee armed with oven spray. Click here to read the story.

The Self Defense Weapon of choice

Apparently employees at the El Calor Taqueria Mexican restaurant sprung into action when a gunman arrived Sunday evening at closing time demanding money and extra hot sauce.

There was a struggle and one of the workers sprayed oven cleaning chemicals directly into the robber’s face. He fell to the ground in pain as the cleaning solution caused severe burns to the robber’s face and eyes.

As if the robber wasn’t humiliated enough, he then suffered the indignity of having employees restrain him by sitting on him until police arrived.

Oven spray contains many chemicals which not surprisingly, work well at inflicting pain on unsuspecting scum bags. There are many household items that can be just as effective in taking down a burglar; Raid, ammonia, bleach, WD40, etc.

The number of items that can be used to disable an attacker is only limited by your imagination.

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