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Teenager uses improvised weapon to fight off a burglar

In the past we’ve written about how improvised self defense weapons can be just as effective as store bought self defense products. Well a Tulsa, Oklahoma teenager demonstrated that concept when he used a decorative sword to fight off a burglar in his home.

Jesse Livingston was in his room at approximately 10:30 pm when he heard what turned out to be a burglar breaking into his home. He grabbed the novelty sword and knocked the intruder over the head and chased him man out of his west Tulsa home.

It just goes to show that during desperate times, almost any object can be used to fight off an attack or robbery. If you’re in a pinch and can’t get to your gun, pepper spray or Taser, you can use just about any household item to fight off an attacker.

For jabbing, any item that is long and cylindrical is ideal like a broom, umbrella, baseball bat or even a novelty sword. Smaller items can be effective as well, such as; A flashlight, rolled up magazine or newspaper, kitchen utensils, fire extinguisher, etc.

Even smaller items that fit into your hand can be very effective; Sharpie pen, DVD case, soda can, coffee cup, bottle or my personal favorite the brim of a baseball cap rolled up. All of these items can be used for jabbing and you should target bony areas of the attacker’s body.

It’s good to remember that an ounce of prevention is a lot easier than fighting off the bad guy. Keep your house well lit and make it appear as if someone is home. Most robbers won’t break in if they think someone is home. Also, deadbolts, a reinforced door frame or a floor type door brace all work well to keep burglars out.


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