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Catwoman’s pepper spray defense

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. On Feb 6th in Hollywood Ca. (go figure) Catwoman sprayed a drunk and rambling Ozzy Ozbourne in the face with pepper spray.

Catwoman claimed that Ozzy had been following her around all day mumbling incoherently harassing her. After police arrived and investigated, Catwoman’s account of the events was confirmed by both Willie Wonka (Johnny Depp, not Gene Wilder) and illegal alien-Captain America.

While we are thrilled that Catwoman endorses one of our products, we are a bit surprised that a seasoned crime-fighter like herself couldn’t defeat an aging, drunk and incoherent washed-up rock star without the aid of a women’s self defense product. And what is this world coming to when Captain America can’t even speak English? Think we’re making this up? Read the whole story for yourself and don’t forget to watch the video.

Catwoman sprays Ozzy


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