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Occupy McDonald’s

File this under the category “some people will do anything for a fat greasy burger!” A woman in Fayetteville, North Carolina was tased by police after she cut to the front of the line in the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

Evangeline Marrero Lucca, 37 was tasered by police after she refused to move her vehicle and resisted efforts by police to remove her from her vehicle.

We love this story, tasers were made for people like her. We’ll skip all the cheap jokes about her having a “Big Mac Attack” or any perceived similarities to the Hamburglar. Instead, we’re left wondering if this will spark a new nationwide movement called “Occupy McDonald’s” All the disgruntled malcontents who feel entitled to a large fry and chicken McNuggets unite!!

We can’t find a self defense products tie in other than the use of the Taser, but we thought it was such a classic example of a stupid criminal getting what they deserve, we just had to share it. Have a great day!!!



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