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Disneyland Pepper Spray Incident

By now most of you have seen the video of the drunk, belligerent guy getting pepper sprayed by security personal at Disneyland. If you notice in the video, the guy continues to get up after he’s been sprayed several times.

The Happiest Place On Earth

I’ve heard some people in the media argue that this demonstrates why pepper spray is not effective for civilian use. The fact that this individual continues to get back up off the ground and tries to engage security illustrates the ineffectiveness of pepper spray, or so the argument goes.

Full disclosure; We sell pepper spray through our web site.

However, despite the fact that we profit from the sale of pepper spray does not subtract from the logic of our sound arguments. Follow me on this;

First of all, the way law enforcement personal (cops, security guards, etc) and civilians use pepper spray is completely different. Therefore their expectations and definition of effectiveness is different.

Consider this analogy of a Nascar driver and a truck driver. An argument can be made that a big rig truck is inferior to a race car because the race car is faster. However, the truck driver isn’t interested in speed, he is interested in comfort as he has to drive long stretches in his truck. The truck driver can make an argument that a big rig is better because there is more room to haul large loads. But the Nascar driver couldn’t care less about that because he isn’t delivering goods, he’s racing!

So, it’s ridiculous to compare the two because they both have different requirements in their chosen form of transportation and therefore a different definition of what is best. Makes sense, right?

Cops and security personal use pepper spray to temporarily disorient a suspect in order to subdue them in the process of an arrest. They use it to gain a temporary advantage. The suspect, fearing arrest will usually fight through the pain to keep from being arrested.

Ordinary citizens use pepper spray to temporarily disorient an attacker so that they can gain a few valuable seconds to escape. Ordinary citizens aren’t going to stick around and try to apprehend the attacker.

Pepper Spray Defense

In both scenarios the pepper spray is being used to disorient someone. However, in one instance it’s then followed up with an attempt to apprehend which leads to resistance. In the other instance, the user then escapes, leaving the attacker to tend to their wounds. The attacker is unlikely to chase someone who just pepper sprayed them but is likely to fight back while being apprehended.

See the difference? So why can’t supposedly educated members of the media use this logic when assessing the effectiveness of self defense weapons? Bias? Stupidity? Both?

The bottom line is, pepper spray is a very effective method for ordinary citizens to uses as a self defense weapon against an attacker. Don’t let anyone with an agenda tell you any different, use your own mind to determine if pepper spray is right for you.

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Crazy Mug Shots

Stupid criminals give us more bog materiel than we could ever use, but we also enjoy a good mug as much as the next guy. These are old but funny nonetheless. Enjoy!

Will The Real Sméagol Please Stand Up?

Must Have The Precious!

Hey Gollum, don't bend over for the soap!

According to the police report, Gollum is accused of a variety of crimes including, petty theft, public nudity, unpaid parking tickets, and attempted mass murder and mayhem. Gollum’s royalties from the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy have run out and he’s obviously fallen on hard times. His celebrity status has faded, and acting gigs for impish creatures have all but dried up due to the down economy.

Recently, he’d been spotted on Hollywood boulevard dining out at trash receptacles of swanky, high priced Thai food bistros. A far cry from his days living in the lap of luxury in Middle Earth living off the the land in the swamps and caves of Mordor. Rumor has it he’d recently tried to pawn some stolen, gold jewelry. From the looks of the mug shot, he’s really let himself go. Such a shame!

Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side!

I'm not an alcoholic! I'm a drunk! Alcholics go to meetings!

The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Emperor Palpatine was arrested recently by Los Angeles Police on a charge of public intoxication. His failed plans of world domination had lead him into a downward spiral of alcoholism, self-loathing and bouts of public nudity.

When the Death Star was destroyed by rebel forces, he became homeless, forced to live on the streets.

He recently became involved in the Occupy L.A. Movement and at the time of his arrest was sleeping in a tent at city hall. He was arrested while urinating on a police dog and singing show tunes.

Apparently the dark side of the force leads to jail, and some huge bags under the eyes.

Who Would’ve Thought…Butt-Head Turned Out To Be The Responsible One!

Uh.............Huh, huh, huh.

We went back to the archives to dig this one up, an oldie but goodie. 2003, in this bizarre case of life intimating art, a real life Beavis, of Beavis and Butt-Head fame, was arrested for residential burglary.

"Where's Butt-Head?"

Meet Cris Kemp, 37 years old, who broke into a home, pocketed some Christmas money, dressed up in women’s clothing and preceded to move some kitchen appliances around. When confronted by the home owner he was wearing a leopard skin hat and scarf. That, in and of itself could get a man arrested in 8 states.

The homeowner, Carlos Castillo, used a stick as an improvised self defense weapon and entered the house to investigate. He ordered Kemp to sit down and wait for police, and surprisingly he complied without incident. Kemp’s clothes were found strewn around the house. “Hey Butt-Head, mug shots are cool…huh huh, huh!”

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Tazer Ball

Tazer Ball - Not For The Faint Of Heart!

If conventional team sports just don’t give you enough of an adrenaline rush there is a new sport that you might get excited about.

Teams compete on a Hockey-rink size field with an over sized soccer ball that must be advanced across the playing filed and into the opponents goal. Sounds pretty tame, right? Well how about opposing players attempting to prevent you from scoring by zapping you with a 300,000 volt stun gun?

This isn’t a late-night comedy sketch, it’s real. Welcome to Ultimate Tazer Ball.

In Ultimate Tazer Ball, players try to zap opponents with 300,000-volt stun guns, to induce intense pain and muscle spasms which will make them drop the ball, trip and fall, or induce uncontrollable convulsions and drooling. Only the player in possession of the freakishly over-sized ball may be zapped

The games inventors claim that it is safe, and it actually is. This is how Stun Guns work; They deliver a high voltage, up to a million volts for some models, it’s not voltage that causes death. Amperage is what causes death. An amperage of about 200 milliamps can cause death in humans, a typical Stun Gun has about 5 – 10 milliamps, far to small to cause any serious damage.

Chicks Dig  ME

Still, despite it’s relative safety it’s hard to imagine anyone choosing to take a Stun Gun zap willingly.

In a promotional video on You Tube one player is quoted as saying “It hurts, man, it doesn’t feel good.” another is quoted as saying, “If you’re scared, don’t play.” What’s next, full contact golf?

Click Here to see the video.

We never thought we’d see the day when Stun Guns went from self defense products to sporting goods. But if it helps us to sell more stun guns, then the sight of grown men writhing in pain, drooling uncontrollably, curled up in a fetal position sounds great to us!

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Mace Windu vs MACE pepper spray. And the winner is…..

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Kung Fu Panda - Legends Of Awesomeness

OK, what do you get when you mix a cowboy bar, MACE, local Cops, a Kung Fu maniac, alcohol and a camera crew? Well, it doesn’t end pretty that’s for sure!

Cops are summoned to a Country-Western bar to deal with a drunk wanna-be Kung Fu Panda and hilarity ensues. Sounds like a plot line for a new reality show.

Watch this guy practicing his moves as the cops close in with country music blasting in the background. The funniest part is when he tries to wash off the MACE by cleansing his face with a Coors Light!

Click here to see the video.

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Justice Breyer Home Invasion

No word from police whether Justice Breyer will be charged with a fashion crime

This story is over a week old but we figured it was worth mentioning. Recently, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was their victim of a home invasion at his vacation home by a machete wielding intruder. Justice Breyer was at the home, on the Caribbean island of Nevis, vacationing with friends. Nevis is part of the West Indies chain known as the Leeward Islands, located about 350 miles southeast of Puerto Rico.

Breyer, his wife and two other guests were home at the time apparently no one was hurt.

The male intruder made off with about $1,000 in cash and fled the scene. Police spokesman, Sgt. Alonzo Carty, said Monday that a “person of interest”, Vedel K. Browne, turned himself in late Saturday but had not yet been charged.

According to police it didn’t appear as if the Justice was specifically targeted. There were no details about how the intruder was able to gain entry.

The U.S. Marshals Service provides protection for members of the high court when they are traveling, and it’s unclear why there were no Marshals present at the time. Unlike the President and VP, Justices are under no legal obligation to accept protection, the can and often do refuse it from time to time.

Justice Breyer is hardly the first Supreme Court Justice to have a run in with a criminal. Then-Justice David Souter was assaulted by a group of young men in 2004 while jogging alone in the evening near his Washington home. He suffered some minor scratches and bruises and was later treated then released from a local hospital.

In 1996, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg had her purse stolen by a robber while walking near her home in Washington D.C.

Remember, be aware of your surroundings and avoid making yourself look like a victim. Never jog alone, especially at night. However, if you do make sure to carry some form of protection, like a stun gun, key-chain pepper spray or other self defense products.

At home, never open your door unless you know exactly who is there. fortify your front door with dead bolts, and a metal door frame reinforcement.

It just goes to show that even famous people and public figures are all at risk of becoming a victim of crime. Remember the three A’s; Awareness, Avoidance and Action! And check our home invasion prevention page for tips on how to prevent this from happening to you.

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North Dakota Pepper Spray Shortage

North Dakota

An interesting story appeared recently about a spike in self defense product sales related to a kidnapping case. Many local residents say they no longer feel safe and don’t want to rely on the local cops for protection. Good call!

DICKINSON, N.D. – Self defense products are becoming a hot item among women in western North Dakota’s booming oil patch, as a growing population and the violent abduction of a Montana woman have heightened fears about violence.

“My pepper spray, my stun guns, my handguns – I can’t keep them on the shelves,” Dickinson pawn shop manager Raymond Gentry told the Dickinson Press. “A year ago, where a handgun might stay in my case for two months, now I’m lucky to keep that gun in the case 48 hours.”

Other businesses also say sales of personal protection products started rising along with the area’s population. All of this culmenated with the arrest of two men on kidnapping charges in the disappearance of Sidney high school teacher Sherry Arnold, who is presumed dead.

Ray resident R.H. Jungemann bought a key alarm at a recent home party that offered self-defense products.

North Dakota stores experience a run on self defense products

“What happened in Sidney is a little too close to home,” she told the Bismarck Tribune.

Jungemann, a jogger, also has a concealed weapon permit but said the key alarm is more practical.

“I’m not going to run with a pistol,” she said. “This gives me a little feeling of safety, but not enough to let my guard down. I’m always conscious of the trucks in town.”

Watford City Police Chief Slade Herfindahl said he has seen an increase in the number of women applying for concealed weapon permits since Arnold’s disappearance. However, he and others in the law enforcement community say there has not been a documented spike in strangers committing crimes against women.

“I won’t pooh-pooh things. There are a lot of scary-looking men around here, but they’re looking for jobs, not women,” said Williams County Sheriff Scott Busching. “I tell women to ‘Live your life. Your brain is your No. 1 weapon.’ They should have situational awareness.”

Situational awareness no doubt is the key, but a little self defense training or a weapon sure won’t hurt either!

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Stupid Criminals

One of our favorite things at the Apex blog is stupid criminals. In fact, we love them so much we might just have to make this a regular feature. So today, we’ll review some of the biggest morons to come down the pike in recent memory. So without further ado, lets introduce you to our first genius;

World’s Stupidest Criminal?

This guy's title run may be in jeopardy

Daniel Allen Everett, 33 of Clarkston Michigan. He was the reigning “Worlds Greatest Dad” until a minor lapse in judgement cost him his crown. Yes a minor lapse, he was arrested while attempting to have sex with a 14 year-old girl…..while wearing his World’s greatest dad shirt!!

We aren’t involved in the judging for the World’s Greatest Dad competition, but we do believe this incident may put a damper on Daniel’s attempt to retain the title. Only time will tell.

Daniel went from being a world champ, to an internet laughing stock overnight. Well Daniel, look at the bright side…You may have lost the World’s greatest dad title, but you’ve got a shot at World’s Stupidest Criminal.

Whatever you do...don't try to milk this one!

Cowabunga Dude!

This is Michelle Allen….yeah you read it right. Michelle, not Michael. Apparently Michelle is a female. We’ve never referred to a woman as a cow, and we won’t start now! We’ll take the high road here and avoid the easy jokes about her appearance but we did a double take when we saw her picture.

Anyway, Michelle appears to be fond of urinating on people’s porches and chasing children while wearing this cow suit. How she is able to perform said act, with a full body cow suit on is unclear. Impressive, but unclear nonetheless. Also, We’re not quite sure what prompted her to chase children, perhaps payback for an attempted cow tipping?

According to the official Police report, ole Betsy had left the pasture and was creating traffic problems, reeked of alcohol and was verbally abusive when they arrested her.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that an adult was caught wearing a cow suit, but the anatomically correct, strategically placed udders make the whole thing even creepier! We can’t wait to see how she tops this next Halloween!

DIY mask

I’m Batman!

Meet Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller. These two would-be robbers from Iowa are a disgrace to their profession. There are many thieves out there who take pride in their work and spend years perfecting their craft. Amateurs like these two give all criminals a bad name!

They were arrested on attempted burglary charges after a 911 caller told cops that two masked men were trying to break into his home. The two were caught after a routine traffic stop, (the two were traveling in a 1994 Buick Roadmaster).

Guys, show some pride in your work! At least go out and purchase the proper tools of the trade! Really, A sharpie? How expensive can a ski mask be?

Shoplift Till You Drop

So, when exactly is the right time to shoplift? We don’t really know the answer to that one but we can definitely say that it isn’t on shop with a cop day. Apparently when David Sherman 49, tried to make off with a $79 DVD player, he didn’t realize that there were a couple of dozen cops in the Nebraska Walmart at the time.

"Shop with a cop day" is not the best time to shoplift

The cops were taking 75 underprivileged kids out for a shopping trip and pictures with Santa when they spotted the less-than-stealthy Sherman running out of the store with electronics in hand. Several uniformed officers pursued him, and caught him hiding in a car in the parking lot.

We don’t believe in awarding a prize for stupidest criminal because they all had an equally valiant effort. And besides we don’t want the losers to have their feelings hurt!

Many criminals unfortunately aren’t this stupid, so visit our self defense tips page, for info on how to protect yourself and your home from criminals smarter than these guys!

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New Zealand Cops Say No To Self Defense Against Burglars

New Zealand Cops tell residents to submit to burglars

New Zealand - criminals welcome!

You can’t make this stuff up! Cops in New Zealand are actually advising people not to defend themselves in the event of a break in at their homes. They apparently believe that an attempt to defend yourself will result in the burglar getting angry and using the weapon against you. This is complete rubbish! If an intruder breaks into an occupied home, this demonstrates that he is brazen enough to commit a crime when he knows that the homeowner is likely to be there. If he is that bold, he obviously wouldn’t hesitate to do harm to the homeowner, regardless of whether the victim has a weapon or not.

In this situation, using a weapon might be the only opportunity for the homeowner to escape unscathed. The fact that the Cops are advising against self defense is an absolute outrage! What do the cops expect people to do? Wait it out and hope the bad guy doesn’t hurt you? Just pray and rely on the scum bags sympathy and kindness? The naivete of some people is just amazing!

Apparently there have been a rash of burglaries recently and citizens don’t feel completely safe.

We have a monopoly on self defense!

As we’ve said before, you can’t count on the Cops to protect you. They are there to pick up the pieces after a crime has been committed. People need to be responsible for their own self defense. And for the Cops to advise against this is irresponsible!

This quote from Sergeant Jared Thompson of Thames police says it all; “This is not advisable as any weapon lying around the home has the potential to be used by an intruder against the homeowner”.

We are usually never at a loss for words, but we’re speechless!!! Although it is usually never advisable to chase a criminal when they are already in the process of running away, this is completely different. This is a situation where someone is trying to break into your home and cause you harm. How can anyone in a position of authority advise people to refrain from defending yourself?

Our advice to you is to ignore these buffoons and use some common sense. Don’t go looking for trouble, avoid it all costs. But if it finds you, make sure you’re ready to fight it head on!

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Burglar Cooks And Cleans

burglar cooks and cleans

A Burglar's Tools of the trade

So who wouldn’t want someone to come to their house to do the laundry, cook and clean for free? Well a South Bend Indiana women apparently wasn’t too thrilled when Keith Davis, 46, swept her floor, folded her laundry and cooked dinner. That’s because Keith Davis was a burglar.

Ashley Murray arrived home with her son to find Davis in her home, making himself at home and doing some chores. She noticed the lights on inside and assumed her brother was in the house, only to discover the stranger in her home.

“I’m like, ‘The police are on their way!’ And he told me, ‘The police already been here,’ closed my window, locked it back up and closed my door and sat in a chair in front of the window until the police came,” Murray said.

Murray said she noticed Davis had cooked some chicken and onions in a pan, folded her clothes and swept the floor. Davis even put a sheet and pillow on her couch.

Come for the valuables, stay for the turkey on rye

“The police said it looked like he was a good chef. It looked like he had broth and everything in it,” she said.

Davis was arrested despite adamantly stating he was in his own home. He was charged with breaking and entering.

Apparently he told police he had woken up in the apartment and he really believed that he was at his house. When police asked for his address he gave them a non-existent address. His speech was slurred and police believe he had been under the influence of illegal drugs.

The following was the best quote from the story; “He drunk up my orange juice, but it’s cool because he swept up my floor and folded my clothes,” Murray said.

Not a bad time to review home invasion and burglary prevention tips to keep your home secure and you and your family safe.

Dry Cleaner Foils Robbery


In St. Charles, Mo. criminals better not tangle with a certain clerk at a local dry cleaners. At First Capitol Cleaners an attempted robbery was foiled when the clerk at the cleaners stabbed the suspect. Here is what happened;

At around 1:00 p.m. in broad daylight, the would-be robber entered the St. Charles business and demanded money from the clerk. He lead the clerk to believe that he had a weapon in his jacket, then reached for the register.

The clerk, who didn’t have a firearm or any other self defense products, decided to improvise. He stabbed the robber in the hand with a “seam ripper”. A seam ripper is a small tool used for unpicking stitches in a piece of clothing. It’s a common tool used in the garment industry and apparently dry cleaning businesses as well.

seam ripper

The suspect was last seen running from the store, bleeding profusely, and whimpering like a wounded animal.

The following quote is a description of the suspect; “The suspect is described as a white male, wearing a navy blue hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and gloves. The suspect concealed his features with a black article of clothing and large sunglasses.”

The things that stand out are “…hooded sweatshirt…” and “…large sunglasses.” Hooded sweatshirts, sunglasses and hats are all great ways for a criminal to conceal their appearance. Just something to look out for.

The next quote from the story wins the award for the understatement of the year; “The suspect may have sustained an injury to his hand during the robbery”. Really? Do ya think?

In any case, this story is a great example of someone thinking on their feet and using whatever is at their disposal as an improvised self defense weapon.

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