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Give ’em a Mace shower!

As police in Riot gear all across the country start to clean up the stench that is Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Main Street/Occupy who knows what, the usual degenerates are starting to complain that the police are overstepping their bounds. The usual cries of police brutality however, are falling on deaf ears. Authorities in nearly every city have given the protestors common courtesies that even taxpayers aren’t privy to. They have been bent over backward to accommodate these leeches.

Now, after months of rapes, muggings, drug use, stabbings, shootings, defecating on police cars, littering, and general uncleanliness, the public has had enough. Municipalities have been under pressure to evict these miscreants and reclaim public land.

Along with the evictions came repeated warnings and deadline after missed deadline to vacate the premises. Yet after the ninth or tenth warning and deadline change, police started to move in.

All of this brings me to my point; The UC Davis protesters. Apparently there were complaints of police brutality, and over reactions. However, an interesting You Tube video shows that the police gave repeated warnings that they were going to clear the area. When I say repeated, I mean several, not just one or two. And when police finally converged on the protestors, they did so at a snails pace, allowing the protestors ample time to leave without any consequences, avoiding a potential mace bath.

The protestors were shown on TV from coast to coast with hands locked while police used mace on then to force them to disperse. The video shows how patient the officers were and how many chances the protestors were given.

These protestors have a right to free speech and to petition their government with their grievances. However, this is not what they were doing. The point of their protests was to provoke the police. When the police didn’t respond violently, the protestors simply “invented” a new reality and complained of police brutality anyway. Their enablers in the media gave their claims credibility.

These people are the dregs of our society and probably deserved the mace shower. At least it was a shower, something they probably hadn’t had in some time. We as a society shouldn’t tolerate this type of behavior. These people aren’t victims when they incite police, then act surprised when the police respond. The Occupy Whatever crowd are a bunch of lazy, dirty, socialist leeches who refuse to do anything other than try to take the fruits of other people’s labor. They deserve nothing more than a mouth full of mace!


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