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A stupid criminal and a Taser are introduced

File this under “ask and you shall receive.” Police in Pierson, Florida honored a criminal’s unusual request on December 5th. Darrel Horne, 28 was apprehended for grand theft and resisting arrest when he said to cops, “Taser me. Taser me, bro,”. Volusia County police gladly accommodated the mental giant who later thanked them for their efforts. As if that wasn’t strange enough, Horne was naked when he was arrested.

The whole episode started when Horne and a friend stole a boat after the truck they were driving ran out of gas, police said. You gotta love their resourcefulness, makes perfect sense, after all with gas prices at or near all-time highs its cheaper just to get another mode of transportation.

Apparently their out-of-the-box thinking knows no bounds. According to police, “… there were no paddles in the boat, so the men found a piece of wood to use.” When police arrived at the scene and ordered the pair back to shore, Horne demonstrated his displeasure by cursing at the deputies, disrobing, and diving into the water.

Let this be a lesson for all who criticize police when they use a Taser on a criminal; most of the time they asked for it, in this case literally!

All joking aside, Tasers are one of the most effective weapons an officer has at his disposal and are far safer than the use of a firearm. Sure there have been some deaths associated with Tasers, but the vast majority of those cases involved victims who were under the influence of cocaine. Studies have shown that the presence of cocaine in the body magnifies the effects of a Taser. Also, let us not forget that in cases where suspects simply complied with police, the number of Taser related deaths are zero.

Tasers are also becoming popular with the general public for personal protection; the Taser C2 is the civilian version that continues to sell well in states where they are legal. Tasers are one of the fastest growing self defense products on the market.The debate will continue on whether Tasers should be used by police, but there is no doubt that they are less lethal, and therefore safer than firearms.


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