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Self Defense Weapons

There are several great options for the average person to use for their own personal protection; pepper spray, taser, stun gun, kubaton, pocket knife, or even an expanding steel baton. But what about people that don’t have any store bought self defense products? What can they use to protect themselves in the event of an attack?

Well, there are a few options available to people that are left unprepared and unready to defend themselves.

A great self defense weapon is a flashlight. The best one is the Mag-lite because it’s heavy duty metal construction and it hurts like hell when you get hit with one. Most people carry a flashlight in their car, if you don’t you should. The 9″ is a little shorter and lighter, therefore easier for a woman to wield effectively. The 12″ model is larger and heavier and can be use by man or women with stronger forearms. The small 6″ Mag-lite can be carried in a purse or on a key-chain and can be use as a kubotan to jab vulnerable points of an attacker’s body.

Rolled up newspaper
If you are desperate for something and have to fashion a weapon very quickly, a rolled up newspaper or magazine might be a viable option. It can be used to jab at an attacker’s throat or other vulnerable points just like the kubotan. It does have some disadvantages; 1) If not rolled up tightly enough, it won’t be sturdy enough to do any damage. 2) It’s likely to unfurl after the first strike, so make sure the first one counts. This is a last resort weapon, and should only be used when every other option, including flight, else has been exhausted.

A roll of coins
A roll of quarters in a closed fist can significantly increase the power of a blow. It will add weight, and power to a punch and the attacker will drop feebly to his knees if done properly. For a women, a roll of dimes will fit more comfortably into the hand. Just as effective as brass knuckles, but legal to possess.

Car keys
Keys can be used to gouge an attacker’s eyes. Much like the rolled up newspaper, this should only be used as a lase resort. It’s probably easier to simply gouge the eyes with your fingers.

A ring
A ring with a raised stone or intricate design with sharp edges can cause significant damage if used to punch or a back-handed slap.

A cane or walking stick
Can be used to jab or to take down an opponent by sweeping his feet out from under him. However, the use of a cane or walking stick usually requires considerable training to be used effectively.

Several other options include, rocks, bottles, hairspray or any object found in a women’s purse or on the ground.

The bottom line is that there are many options that can be used as a makeshift weapon, but each of them has it’s drawbacks and without training or practice could be useless. In a fight or flight situation flight is always best. However, if your life is on the line it’s good to know that there are several options available as self defense weapons.


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