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Oh Canada, Oh Canada

A mental giant lights up a police car while being photographed!

So being from Southern California, I’ve become accustomed to seeing riots break out when the Lakers win a championship, or lose a championship.

But Vancouver?!?!?!?! Did Vancouver suddenly become Los Angeles when I wasn’t looking? Vancouver is still in Canada right?

All joking aside, the images coming out of Vancouver are pretty shocking. Thousands of people running amok through downtown, with almost no police presence. Patrol cars in flames, businesses looted and broken glass as far as the eye can see. What’s disturbing to me is that so many normal looking people were posing for photos in front of burning vehicles. People were having a great time, laughing, smiling, breaking glass, it was like a large out-door Greek wedding. Some people have no shame.

The cops were nowhere to be found. Apparently, it’s wrong to use force to stop a bunch of thugs. Vancouver, if you really want to be like us you’ll do as we do. Provide counselors to the rioters so that they can understand their anger, and ultimately discover why they are actually the victims. Hey, that’s how we roll here in California! Cops are no longer cops, they are social workers and psychiatrists.

So, just like my last blog post about the flash mobs in Chicago, a similar situation erupts north of the border. All Hell breaks loose and no cops anywhere in sight! Just a another reason for people to take responsibility for their own protection.

Hey look at me, I'm Canadian!

A romantic Canadian sunset by the fire

Friendly Caniadians offer to valet park a car for tourists

Canada, come for the scenery, stay for the hospitality


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