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Chicago Flash Mobs

In yesterdays blog I wrote that I thought people should take more control of their own destiny and not depend on the government for things, especially self defense.

Today I’m going to continue on that theme, but I think I have a better example to make my point.

In the news recently are some troubling events in Chicago Illinois. Apparently there have been a rash of teenage mobs attacking people with almost complete impunity. What makes this even more disturbing is that its happening in upscale areas and in broad daylight.

According to news reports, these flash mobs have descended on local businesses intimidating shoppers. They have shoplifted, attacked shoppers and bus riders, robbed tourists, and beaten bike riders. All this without any local police presence to speak of.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, North Avenue beach, located in one of Chicago’s affluent areas, was closed due to flash mob violence.

The Police chief of Chicago, then told the media that the closure was due to people succumbing to the hot weather. Really? You mean you aren’t even going to warn people so that they can avoid that area and stay safe?

So, to recap;
Local residents and tourists threatened, robbed and beaten.
Local businesses looted and harassed.
Mobs acting with complete impunity and no police presence to speak of.
The local police chief lying to the public about the danger and trying to cover it up.
And Chicago laws prohibiting citizens from carrying concealed weapons for protection.

Complete anarchy and lawlessness, no cops on the street, official denial, citizens prohibited from defending themselves. Makes total sense to me!?!?!?!

This is a very sad story and I’m sure it will devastate the tourism industry in Chicago. But it is a further illustration of why we can’t rely on the police for protection. And apparently in Chicago, you can’t even count on a heads up to stay away from violence plagued areas.

Folks, it pays to educate yourselves on some basic self defense techniques, and purchase some inexpensive self protection items. Depend on yourself, not big government bureaucrats, and you won’t be let down.


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