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Take Your Safety Into Your Own Hands

One of the things that I’ve repeated to people ad nauseam, is that individuals need to take responsibility for themselves. You can’t, and shouldn’t, depend on the government or anyone for that matter, for your housing, food, retirement etc. The government is full of bureaucrats who really don’t have your best interest at heart. And, even when they do manage to offer some semblance of help, it usually comes with strings attached.

What does this have to do with self defense, you ask? Be patient, I’m getting to it.

We are basically on our own, which is how it should be. I guarantee you that no one has your best interests at heart the way you do, right? No one is going to look out for your family the way you will, right? Do you think some bureaucrat in D.C. is going to care if you don’t have enough money to pay your mortgage or if you’ve saved enough to retire? Oh, some politicians will pretend they do, and spout some worthless rhetoric so that they’ll secure your vote. But the reality is that they really don’t care.

And I’m OK with that, I like being on my own, it’s empowering. However, many people feel a false sense of security because they believe the rhetoric that the politicians and bureaucrats spew, that we are helpless children and without their help and protection we’d be lost souls. Which brings me to my point; We as individuals need to take responsibility for everything in our lives. Our retirement, our housing, our livelihoods, and yes even our safety and security!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no anti-government extremist, I’m just a no-faith in government realist. The government has a role in our lives, but if you depend on it for any of the things I mentioned, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

A recent news story about government bureaucrats and their ability and/or willingness to protect and keep us safe, has proved my point.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend in Alameda County a suicidal man waded out into the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay in an attempt to  kill himself. He succeeded in his attempt, but not before Alameda firefighters and police proceeded to take their positions on the beach and deliberate about what to do……for an hour. Yep, that’s right, Raymond Zack spent about an hour, neck deep in the cold waters of the bay while the first responders did nothing but watch. Not only did they fail to even attempt to save this guy, but they didn’t even retrieve the body after he died. A good Samaritan bystander actually pulled the body out of the water.

So, why didn’t the cops or firefighters do anything to save this guy? Why indeed. It seems that they did not have the training or cold-water gear to go into the water. What? Are you kidding me?

According to an MSNBC report, Interim Alameda Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi said, ‘The incident yesterday was deeply regrettable, But I can also see it from our firefighters’ perspective. They’re standing there wanting to do something, but they are handcuffed by policy at that point.'”

What makes this statement laughable is the fact that the bystander who fished the body out of the water didn’t have any cold water gear either, he just jumped in and pulled the body out. The water was cold, (about 54 degrees) but it was hardly the Arctic! Like I said, it’s nice if they can help you when you are in trouble, but don’t count it.

Look folks, I’m not the type to bash cops or firefighters, They have a tough job, and most of the time they perform it admirably.  But here was a guy who obviously had some serious issues and needed some help, help that never arrived.

This story may not be a self defense story, but there are lessons here that we can learn that are related to it. You cannot depend on the police to protect to you, that just isn’t their job. Their job is to show up after the fact and write up a report, and maybe catch the guy after the crime has been committed.  You need to be prepared to protect yourself because in all likelihood no one will be around to help you. And as we learned from this story, even if people are around, it’s no guarantee that they will help you.

So learn some basic self defense moves, and get yourself some non-lethal self defense items to protect yourself.  By taking the responsibility for your own self protection, you will feel confidant, empowered, and prepared. And when the time comes for you to defend yourself, you won’t have to rely on anyone but yourself!


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One thought on “Take Your Safety Into Your Own Hands

  1. Steve on said:

    Great post, I totally agree. There are way too many people that rely on government. To be truly happy and fulfilled in life you have to be self reliant.


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